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Yoga Postures for getting rid of belly fat and reducing waist

Stand straight with a feet distance apart.Raise your hands straight above your ear and slightly bend  back inhaling .Now exhale slowly and bend forward your hands touching your feet.Stay in this position then again inhale and raise back to standing position.Repeat this exercise for 2 to 3 repetition.

forward bending to get rid of belly fat


  • It helps in digestion and toner your tummy
  • relieves mental stress.

Note:Please consult Doctor if you have back pain or spine problems.

2.Boat Pose-Naukasana:

Lie on the ground (in savasana position)  flatly  stretching your legs out and palms resting on either side.Inhale deeply and while exhaling  lift your chest ,head and legs from the ground.Stretch your hands out such that they are parallel to your legs.Try to get 45 degree angle in between .

Hold the position and breathe normaly for 30 seconds.Now inhale deeply and come back to normal sleeping position.

beautify and healthify yoga postures


  • Strengthens your core
  • Maintains posture and puts pressure on your abdominal fats.This will burn tummy fat if you practice it regularly.

3.Twisted Pose-Kati vakrasana:

Lie on the ground in shavasana pose and bring your hands to the sides perpendicular to your body.Then fold your leg such that knees are pointing the ceiling .Twist your body such that your  left knees touches the ground and turn your head to the right .Repeat the other side.


  • Twisting will relax your upper body and beneficial for spine and neck
  • Puts pressure on your waist and reduces lower stomach and waist 

4.Bow Pose-Dhanurasana

Lie on the ground with stomach facing downwards.Turn your head such that chin faces down.Bend your legs behind and hold such that your left hand is holding left leg and vice versa.Inhale slowly and raise your head,chest and leg such that your whole weight is on the abdomen.Hold the position and Exhaling come back to the ground stretch your leg and relax.Repeat 2 to 3 times.

Yoga for getting rid of belly fat


  • Maintains your figure and posture.
  • Puts pressure on stomach and helps in loosing BELLY FAT.

5.Cobra Pose-Bhujangasana

Lie on the ground with stomach facing downwards.Turn your head such that chin faces down.Bring hands to your side.Inhaling slowly Raise your head and chest as high as possible,keeping your buttock muscles tight.Hold on this position and exhaling slowly come back to the normal position.

Beautify and Healthify _bhujangasana

Feel Beautiful !! STAY HEALTHY
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