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What’s Inside My Bag + Tips for Facing the New Normal!

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – July 27, 2020

I saw on the Instagram timeline, it turns out that many have started activities outside the home. Of course, the preparation for leaving the house at this time is different from before there was a pandemic. One of them is the things we carry. Well today I want share fill my bag when I have to do activities outside the house. Oh yes, there are skincare and makeup tips in the future new normal also!

Okay, let’s start with what bag I usually use for outdoor activities. In fact, I’ve always liked tote bags. But usually the tote bag is not full. Meanwhile, after new normal This is my tote bag so it’s super full. It’s okay, the important thing is to stay safe and healthy.

My favorite tote bag is this adorable black from @dekapand. I think it goes well with any outfit, and the design is simple too. Well in this tote bag the contents are…


This one is definitely brought, guys. If not, I’m dizzy, I’m sure I’ll go back home haha. I bought my wallet at Miniso, but it’s been a long time so it’s no longer cool :))

Worship Tools

Well, it’s very important to bring your own worship tools. Because if we use the worship tools provided, we don’t know whether the person who used it before us is healthy or not. Now, here I brought a mukena that already has a bag and a headless model because I like to make it difficult to fix the hijab after praying if I wear it normally.

Hand Gel / Hand Sanitizer

If this one is already there is no need to explain how important it is. I myself use Hand Gel from Elsheskin because it’s not sticky and doesn’t dry out my hands.

Dry and Wet Wipes

I don’t know, but I always carry these two things with me even when there is no pandemic. Are the girls like that too? hihi


I also brought a pouch containing ‘important’ details haha. Oh yes, this pouch is a gift from my friend!

So, the contents of the gemes pocuh earlier are..

Personal Medicine

I’m a sore person so I brought a salonpas patch, salonpas gel, and fresh care! I also take my painkillers when I’m menstruating. Because usually my stomach hurts on the first day, so I have to take care.


The clear spray bottle contains perfume. I usually transfer some of the perfume I’m using to the bottle so that it smells the same all day.

Face Mist

This is one of the most important in my opinion because it can make the skin fresh and moist.

Lip Balm

I have dry lips, so I always carry a lip balm with me.

Lip Matte

Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte shade Hello Beautiful is my favorite lip matte so it’s the one I carry most of the time. The color is so pretty too!

So that was my luggage in the past new normal this. Oh yeah, talking about new normalWell, I have some tips for you. Future skincare & makeup tips new normal!

  1. Wherever you are, before touching your face make sure your hands are clean! Wash your hands or take it hand sanitizer wherever you go.
  2. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. In addition to wearing sunscreen, it’s really mandatory, right now we always wear masks, we’re afraid we’ll get striped if we forget to use sunscreen. Don’t you want it? You can find the right sunscreen for you, check it out Peeling all kinds of Elsheskin sunscreen
  3. Focus on eye makeup! If you want something simple, just using eyebrows + eyeliner will make your eyes come alive.
  4. For those who like to use lipbalm before applying lipcream, use it now at the first step of skincare so that when you want to use lipcream, the lipbalm will already be absorbed. Because even if you use transferproof lip cream but before you used lipbalm and it was still wet, yes the lipcream will still transfer to the mask huhu

That’s all my tips, I hope it’s useful! Stay healthy, friends 🙂


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