May 27, 2022 8:46 am

Welcome, 2020!

Wow, it’s already the sixth day of 2020, don’t you feel it?

a little flashback to a few things in 2019….

2019 was a year where I learned a lot of new things. I think 2019 was the year I dared to step foot for the first time into things that I had never been through before. for some reason so many support that I got until I finally dared to do many new things which finally made me very grateful for doing it.
The two areas I am most grateful for that I have taken and taken seriously in 2019 are internal and beauty.
internal, again internal. can’t you hear it? haha. I really feel that I have learned a lot while carrying out the mandate internally. really upgrade yourself and also help other friends to upgrade too. and at the end of my tenure, I felt surrounded by so many good people. My children internally also always transfer warm and happy energy when they interact with me. What makes me most grateful (and never thought) is that my children can drastically reduce my insecurity because of their pleasant and proud words and behavior. hihi, me love you my internal darling<3
beauty blogger, beauty content creator, beauty reviewer. Very happy to be a part of the beauty industry in Indonesia. My first step is to be active again on the blog as a beauty blogger and join the Elshesquad community! there are so many benefits that I have felt so far. I never even imagined that I could get products for free from brands :’) What I’m grateful for is that my beauty enthusiasts have a very supportive and fun environment without distinguishing things that don’t need to be differentiated. Instagram @bellabeautydiary was also born this year, and became an account that I open more often than my main acc, hihi.
2019 I ended in one of the cities I wanted to visit the most, Makkah. very grateful to be able to end a year that taught a lot in such a beautiful place. as if given the answer to all my worries and complaints in 2019, it turned out to be closed very beautifully.

thank you 2019 for all the lessons and nano-nano stories! Bismillah is opening a new chapter in 2020 with all the provisions that have been obtained in previous years and ready to get more stories and lessons this year!
happy New Year! thank you for taking the time to read my writing


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