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True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – October 11, 2021

Hello everyone! Last month, I just joined as True Lovers What is True Lovers? True Lovers are intimate beauty community from True To Skin! You already know True To Skin is a local brand that has many cool products, one of which is Bakuchiol Serum (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡

Now at 9.9 last month, True To Skin released two new products, namely Soothing and Hydrating Range! There are two products, namely: Mugwort Cica Essence Toner and Mugwort Tripeptide Gel Cream. I’ve tried both, but I’ll review the Mugwort Cica Essence Toner first..

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True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

Before we discuss review product, I want to describe a few first claims of True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner this is it…

  • moisturizing skin
  • treat acne
  • soothes inflammatory skin
  • make skin feel smooth

Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

Mugwort Cica Essence Toner is a combination of toner and essence. If we usually use two products, namely toner and essence, now this product is more practical because toner and essence are already one!

But in my opinion, this Mugwort Cica Essence Toner huh hydrating toner used to moisturize the skin. I also sometimes still use other essence products, depending on my skin condition at the time. So basically, this is hydrating toner yes.

Packaging True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

This Mugwort Cica Essence Toner is packaged in a tosca green plastic bottle with white writing details. The lid is a threaded model and has a seal inside! No spilled club hihi. For the seal, it’s a removable model, so don’t forget it and then lose it.

I love the packaging of this Mugwort Cica Essence Toner, the color is so soft and beautiful! Then the screw cap model and the seal also make the product safer. For its size, this product contains 100 ml yes.

Ingredients Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

I want to talk about the main ingredients of this Mugwort Cica Essence Toner. The content is focused on hydrating and soothing.

  • Mugwort This ingredient has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the skin
  • Centella Asiatica – are you familiar with this content? Cica is really suitable for sensitive skin because it can make the skin so calm
  • Cactus Extract – I just found out that cactus has benefits for the skin, it can provide hydration and soothe the skin at the same time
  • Panthenol – commonly called vitamin b5, its function is to moisturize the skin
  • aloe vera – aloe vera can moisturize the skin, it is emollient and anti-inflammatory
  • Tetrapeptide-44 – he has a function anti aging, where can make the skin so supple
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – is a derivative of hyaluronic acid, its function is to hydrate the skin
  • Rosemary This ingredient has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties

This product is already BPOM yes! This is the BPOM number NA18211203189. For the PAO itself, You can use this Mugwort Cica Essence Toner for 12 months. So you don’t have to rush to finish it.

Texture Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

The texture of this Mugwort Cica Essence Toner a bit thick, but still light and liquid. So he’s not the type hydrating very liquid toner. Because it’s a bit thick, just using one layer is already very moist! But even if used in layers, won’t feel greasy.

Mugwort Cica Essence Toner is a type of toner that feels slippery when applied and instantly moisturised. He’s also not the type of toner that immediately ‘disappears’, but it does feel like it’s stuck to the skin. Is it fast or not? I think this is a bit long, yes, but not very long. So usually when it’s not completely dry, I immediately layer it with serum.

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My Thoughts about Mugwort Cica Essence Toner

I’ve been using this Mugwort Cica Essence Toner for over a month. I feel he is the type hydrating toner that is not wasteful. I’ve used it for a month and it’s still half there. But I use it in my PM routine, and only 1-2 layers. Why do I only use it in the PM routine? I think the toner type is a bit thick this is not comfortable to use in the morning. Usually in the morning I use the liquid one because it’s more comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this toner or it’s not good to use it in the morning. Some of my friends use this in the morning and it’s delicious. Anyway, it depends on each person’s preferences and adjusts to their respective skin conditions.

After using this Mugwort Cica Essence Toner, I feel My skin is much better because it’s less dry! In the past month, it hasn’t even dried out until it’s peeling and sore. This Mugwort Cica Essence Toner is also good to use when the skin has acne, it feels so calm when the acne is there. Maybe because of the effect soothing from Mugwort Cica Essence Toner, yes.

I want to try to give points about the claims and their reality on my skin…

  • moisturizing skin – yes! This feels really good, just like one layer, the skin immediately feels full
  • treat acne – I feel that this toner plays an important role when I have acne, the most I feel is its calming effect and makes the acne less inflamed
  • soothes inflammatory skin – when I have a lot more skin redness, this toner is enough to make rednessit subsided
  • make skin feel smooth – this is really good! because it has a smooth and slippery texture, so when you use it, your skin feels really smooth and supple

so far, I like Same True To Skin Mugwort Cica Essence Toner. The packaging is beautiful, the moisture is right and can be used adjust For example, if it’s not moist enough by adding layers, the texture is really good and the results are also okay!

For those of you who want to try this product, you can check it at shopee True To Skin. The price is 105,000 rupiah for 100 ml.


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