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Top 3 Lip Product – bella’ s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – November 26, 2020

Have you ever seen a girl only has one? lip product? whether it’s lipstick, lip cream, lip tint, lip gloss, or whatever, but there’s only one total. Very rare huh? Especially with so many types lip product existing now. Is there any lipstick matte, glossy, until there is also velvet. Then there is a trend ombre lips also the one who makes at least two lip product with different colors.

Well I myself have a large collection lip product ranging from lipstick, lip cream, liptint, to lip gloss. Actually most have almost the same color. If you have read my post about My Signature Make-Up, you must know I like nude colors. So many collections lip product I have the nude color.

From a lot lip product what I have, I want to tell you Top 3 Lip Products my version….

Fanbo Choco Rush Lip Cream – 05 During Sephia Hour

This is my longest lasting favorite lipcream. The texture of this product is super creamy, coverageIt’s great and doesn’t dry out your lips. Why did I choose this shade 05-During Sephia Hour to be one of Top 3 Lip Products my version? This isn’t really my color type though. Well, this shade is my go-to for ombre! The result is super cute, want to use it base whatever is still cute.

If shade I used this myself, not diombreed, it looks bold really the color and I think it’s too deep. Unless you really like colors bold like this, fix it, try it because of the texture and coverageits really ok! The full review can be read Fanbo Choco Rush Lip Cream Review.

Wardah Colorfit Velvet Matte Lip Mouse – 08 Brown Creator

Now, this one has almost the same texture as the Fanbo, but much softer! Then he’s a mousse, so it’s really good if you use it blur lips so. The color is pretty and the formula doesn’t dry out the lips. It really deserves to be included in my version of the Top 3 Lip Products. The full review can be read Super Comfortable Wardah Lip Mousse Review!

Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte – Hello Beautiful

Top 3 Lip Products my latest version is from Elsheskin! Why do I like this lip cream? Because of the texture creamy then coverageit’s the best among the others. And one more thing, the color is really pretty! It’s color lip product i-like! I’ve slipped review this lip cream is My Signature Make Up Look + Review Lipcream Elsheskin.

This is the difference in the color of the three products that are included in Top 3 Lip Products my version. Which one do you like the most?


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