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Theater10 & Yogyakarta Cultural Park

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – December 18, 2016

I’m already in my last year of high school, it seems like just yesterday I felt 5 days of ‘torture’ wkwk. Bella is in high school, not far from the theatre. From the start, I actually wanted to join the theater to develop in the field of music, not production, let alone playing. When I was at art camp, I was asked to act with the coach and then they were told, “Deeks, why don’t you just play?”. Yes, but from the beginning his intention was in music, then he didn’t want to be someone else :p

During my time as a musician at Tea10, I got a lot. So you can play gamelan, know what fluency is, play kenong on which beat, the most memorable thing is when you make music using band instruments and then collaborate with gamelan. Best basically. During my time as a musician, I also learned that gamelan is blablabla, so I understand that playing gamelan is not as easy as one imagines, especially drums, until the hands are swollen :)) In the 10th and 11th grades, I used to go in and out of the studio so often, I had the same ‘feel’ room :)) Used with ‘other’ so sad. The one who initially held the key and then if there was anything he went to the studio, suddenly………well that’s it :))

When it’s time for a performance, I feel like I want to go out as soon as possible :)) Every week we practice, I never go on vacation, where does my family go on vacation, I don’t go:’) When I was in school, we went to the hall together, it rained and it rained. . After that, he was often called the vice principal or the teacher was accused of various kinds of things, until he got emotional and then he got angry and then cried OH MY GOD :)))))

Since becoming a coordinator, I have become close to the coach. For some reason, it feels different. Not rich before I became coordinator. It’s like having a new father. Those who like to tease, worry, cheer up too. Not fitting to meet, not via sms. It’s really like having a new father :’)

Single Performance at TBY. Yes, Yogyakarta Cultural Park. I don’t know why I can’t make a flashback when I see it or through tby. Not to flashback how the performance was, but how to get the tby, how to maintain tby and the concert hall. Yes, I remember when I wanted to book for dirty rehearsals, then went to your father’s room, who was chatting and then joined in the conversation :))), then when I wanted to practice, I fought with others, then I wanted to practice, there was another school :)), when h- 1 suddenly Handis came into the concert hall even though he was still gr-_-. Until the next day, the incident in front of the concert hall stairs, I couldn’t believe it when I was in front of the stairs :))

Until now, I still can’t stop thanking Teater10 & TBY. Those two ‘places’ have succeeded in changing me, changing my attitude, changing my perspective, including changing my feelings, ea. As the one who takes care of the internal affairs, the course of the performance is definitely my main focus. Yes, the name is happy, disappointed, sad, afraid, annoyed, that’s okay, I’m used to feeling it, maybe I’m not the only one who feels that time. But as their ‘mom’, I have to be able to make them not fall, I have to be there and act like everything is fine when actually I’m desperate. Wow, there’s a lot of turmoil there, controlling emotions and other things really bzzzz. From there I learned to control myself and try to be able to control others. Yes, even though as a result I lost 3 kg in weight, but it’s ok, it’s okay :’). I’ve also been in the habit of giving in (and losing :3), but at tby yesterday I managed to be firm in defending what should have been my right. Even after that it becomes emotional -_-

In essence, I have learned many things, many lessons from Teater10 & TBY. Including being trapped in the Bermuda Triangle. Why the Bermuda Triangle? Because there are three, because no one wants to voluntarily go into it, and because once you enter, you can’t get out 🙂


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