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The Most Powerful Local Skincare Product Recommendation!

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – August 17, 2020

safe Republic of Indonesia Independence Day! What’s your agenda for today? Ceremony on line? Or just get together with family because of the red date? I hope you have a good day today.

In recent years, the world beauty in Indonesia looks very developed. Starting from the amount brandto the variety of its products. Honestly, really proud to see the progress local brands who are always innovative and their products are cool. Well, in the context of this independence day, I want share My favorite local skincare product recommendation. Actually there are so many local products that I have tried and the effect is good, but today I choose five products most favorite and most potent on my skin. What are you curious about?

Mineral Botanica – Hydra Acne Care Face Mist*

I got this product from FD Try and Review and it became the first Mineral Botanica skincare product that I tried. This product is able to prevent the growth of acne on my face. Even though at that time I was on my period and usually only one or two large pimples grew. But because at that time I used this face mist regularly, no pimples grew.

Wardah – Primary Skin Hydrating Booster

In fact, this product has been around for a long time wishlistbut I just recently tried it. It turns out that this product is super moist and very suitable for use as a hydrating toner. Previously, I used and really liked hydrating toner from Mamonde. But after finding this product, it looks like Mamonde will be eliminated because this product is local and the price is very, very affordable.

Lacoco – Intensive Treatment Eye Serum*

This product has just entered my PM routine, it’s been about a month. The results can be seen, namely fading dark circles under my eyes and relieve swelling or puffy eyes. This product is light in texture so it is easily absorbed and does not feel hot. In addition to treating the eye area, this product can also be used to fade fine lines around the lips (smile lines).

Crystallure – Supreme Revitalizing Oil Serum*

Crystallure is an exclusive version of Wardah. This product has an oil texture but is light and not greasy. To this day, I still love the smell! It smells really good and very fresh. For the results on my skin, this product can moisturize and make my skin look more glowing. You can read the full review at Crystallure Supreme Revitalizing Oil Serum Review.

Elsheskin – Radiant Skin Serum*

This one has a lot to prove, yes. This product is still my go-to to this day because it was that good! I’ve finished 3 or 4 bottles of this serum and now it’s still in stock. You can read the review at Elsheskin Radiant Skin Serum Review.

Those are my five favorite local skincare products that I highly recommend for you to try. For products marked with * it means gift and I didn’t buy it myself. But don’t worry, even though the product is a gift, but the review is honest! If I say it’s good and I can recommend it, it means that the product is really as good and has an effect on me. But remember, the product that suits me may not necessarily suit you. Vice versa 🙂

Of the five products that I have mentioned, is there your favorite too? Or is it still in wishlist here?


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