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The difference between Elsheskin Protection Day Cream and Daily Protection Gel : Which one is better?

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – April 18, 2021

You know that the most important skincare product is sunscreen. Why? Because sunscreen protects our skin from the sun. If not protected, our skin will be affected by the bad effects of the sun such as black spots, dullness, etc.

Because sunscreen is very important, so it is also important to know what type of sunscreen is right for our skin. This time I want to discuss the differences between the two Elsheskin sunscreens, namely Protection Day Cream and Daily Protection Gel.

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Elsheskin sunscreen

Both of these products contain SPF 30 and are both formulated for normal to dry skin owners. So both of these claim to be suitable for my skin. What’s the difference then?

In terms of packaging, these two products are the same. Packaged in an Airless Pump and the contents are the same as 15 grams. I usually use 3-4 pumps for a single use, both are the same, no more or less. So in terms of quantity, it’s the same.

Elsheskin sunscreen

If you look at the ingredients, there are quite a few differences. Then the Protection Day Cream also contains Aloe, maybe that’s why it feels more moist than the Daily Protection Gel.

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Elsheskin sunscreen

In texture, these two products are clearly different. The Protection Day Cream has a white cream texture, while the Daily Protection Gel has a clear gel texture. When used, the Protection Day Cream feels more moist than the Daily Protection Gel. In fact, the Daily Protection Gel feels a bit sticky and feels like the mat is pulling on the skin.

But when applied, the Daily Protection Gel is easier to spread than the Protection Day Cream. I think it’s because it’s gel and clear, so it doesn’t take long to blend. But if this Protection Day Cream is quite difficult to spread it out so it doesn’t turn white. But once it’s flat, it doesn’t cause a whitecast.

Well, I can see the difference between these two sunscreens when I use them…

Elsheskin sunscreen

The first time it was applied, between the Daily Protection Gel and the Protection Day Cream the finish was almost the same. After 4 hours, the Protection Day Cream looks oilier than the Daily Protection Gel.

In my opinion, this Daily Protection Gel is suitable for those who want to wear makeup, because the finish is a bit tacky, so if you put makeup on it somehow it feels better. And it doesn’t make it too oily either, so it’s okay for make-up. While the Protection Day Cream does feel more moisturised, but it’s quite oily. So this is better if you don’t want to wear makeup.

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When asked which one I like more, honestly I prefer Protection Day Cream because it tastes better and is moist. It doesn’t make the skin feel tight like the finish of the Daily Protection Gel. Make the reapply even better, the Protection Day Cream.

For those of you who want to try these two products, you can check it out at this link. Don’t forget to use the code “SQUADBELLA” to get a 10% discount


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