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Summer Hair Care Tips – Tips For Healthy & Gorgeous Hair In This Summer..

As you may know, there is so much moisture in the summer on the upper skin of the head, which increases the risk of hair loss. Due to moisture hair is itchy. Frequent scratch causes problems to get worse and hair starts falling.

Whenever you come out of the sun in the sun, cover the hair with a scarf or hat, because the sun does not harm your skin only but also damages your hair. With the help of a scarf or hat, your hair will be protected from the sun’s rays and dust in the hair will not even stick.

2. Don’t Wash Everyday Hair With Shampoo: 

Don't Wash Your Hair daily, summer hair care tips
Don’t Wash your Daily

If we constantly wash the hair, then the natural oils in the hair decrease, causing the hair to become lifeless and sluggish. Therefore shampoo the hair after giving a gap of one or two days only.

In summer, use the only shampoo which removes excess oil, sweat, and dirt.

3. Rough, lifeless and split hair:  Sweat comes very much in the summer due to which the hair becomes lifeless and easy to break. Hot winds also make your hair dull.

Rough, lifeless and split hair, Summer hair care tips
Rough, lifeless and split hair

Drink plenty of water so that the toxins are released from the body. Increase the amount of protein in your diet. Massage your hair with lukewarm oil (coconut or amla oil) at least once a week. It puts life in lifeless hair. The problem of split hair is also less.

4. Use a Wide Tooth Comb : 

Wide tooth comb, summer hair care tips

The problem of hair loss due to sweating in the summer is high. Therefore, should always use a wide tooth comb. This does not make the hair fall apart and blood circulation remains constant in Scalp.

5. Don’t Use Warm Water: 

Don't Use Warm Water, Summer Hair care tips

The use of hot water to wash hair during the summer is harmful to their health. Therefore, take a bath with normal warm water equal to the temperature of your body.

6. Don’t use Hair Dryer:

Don't use Hair Dryer, Summer Hair care tips

Hair Dryers and styling should also be used less to dry hair because its use causes hair to become rigid and breaks quickly.

7. Diet: 

Diet for hair, summer hair care tips

Summer should give special attention to your diet for hair. Increase the intake of fluid, it maintains the natural moisture of your hair and does not make the hair dry. In the summer, nutritious food containing proteins, magnesium, calcium, and zinc should be consumed. It is also very important to give the right amount of vitamins to the hair.

8. Trimming: 

Trimming, Summer hair care tips
It is very important to keep trim hair in the summer. Trim hair as soon as summer starts, so that you get rid of bad and split hair. If the hair is dry and lifeless then you can use some drops of serum.

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