May 16, 2022 7:29 pm

special for you

This post is specially made for those of you who feel unappreciated anymore and for those of you who feel replaced.
“what is broken grows, what is lost is replaced”, have you ever heard the title of that song?
They say that what is broken will grow back. When you feel unappreciated, realize that your heart is actually hurt and not whole anymore. You could say he was broken, he had done his best but was not considered and not appreciated. Sad and disappointed? Definitely. But remember that what is broken, will grow back. Your heart will soon ‘grow’ back, it will become a better ‘figure’, it will be stronger. So, who will grow it back? Do you have to wait for the right person to grow it? No. You are the one who will grow it back. Find what makes you happy, do it. Remember what you have, and be grateful. Sometimes we forget the little things that can make happiness easier and the heart feel calmer. And subconsciously, your heart will ‘grow’ back.
He said, what was lost will be replaced. So, if we feel replaced, does that mean we’ve been ‘lost’ from him? It could be. But, it could also be that we are not actually lost, but eliminated by him. Sick huh? That’s for sure. Then how to deal with it? Be patient 🙂 Maybe he doesn’t want to be at ‘home’. So how long are you patient? Patience has no limits. Remember, innallaha ma ashobirin. Allah is with those who are patient. When he is not there, when our position has been replaced in his eyes and heart, then we are patient, Allah will be with us. Amazing right? 🙂
It doesn’t sound easy, but what’s the harm in trying? 🙂


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