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SNP Valentines Bundle – bella ‘ s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – February 24, 2021

Who else is looking for a skincare promo? Here, let me tell you that there is a skincare bundle promo from SNP. So SNP has a valentines bundle for the month of February. Now, this SNP Valentines bundle contains some of the best-selling products from SNP, namely:

  • 1pcs SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate
  • 5pcs SNP Prep Peptaronic Ampoule Mask
  • 1pcs SNP Mini Moisture Petal Toner
SNP Valentines Bundle

Of the three products in the SNP Valentines Bundle, I tried 2, namely SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate and SNP Prep Peptaronic Ampoule Mask. Well, I use both of these on the sidelines of my activities. I can say that these two products are very practical, they can even be used anytime.

SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate

This product is my favorite soothing gel. I like to use this product as a moisturizer, hair mask, and sometimes I use it when my skin is burned or hot in the sun. What I feel, this product always makes the skin so cool!

SNP Soothing Gel

This product is practical and multifunctional because it can be used on the face, body, and even hair. This product is also safe to use for all ages because the ingredients used are allergen-free. The scent is also soft so it doesn’t bother me at all.

This SNP Intensive Soothing Gel can moisturize the skin, soothe sensitive skin caused by UV rays and redness, provide a cooling effect on tired skin, and provide nutrition for healthy skin. You can read the full review at SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate Review.

Some time ago I was splashed with hot oil, I took the initiative to apply SNP Intensive Soothing Gel on the part that was splashed. It turned out to be really not hot and sore, and it was really cool.

SNP Prep Peptaronic Ampoule Mask

SNP Prep Peptaronic Sheetmask

This sheetmask is a product of the SNP Prep line. Its claim is to provide moisture and restore skin vitality so that the skin becomes firmer and healthier.


  • 5 Layers of Hyaluronic Acid
  • 6 Types of Peptides
  • 3 Seaweed Extracts (Seaweed, Spirulina, Hijiki Seaweed)

Hyaluronic Acid functions to provide moisture, Peptide to revitalize the skin, and Seaweed Extract to maintain skin moisture.

I usually use this sheetmask while writing articles or doing something else. So it’s very practical, and the results are also slow. The absorption is also fast and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. I really like this sheet mask.

Overall, the products in the SNP Valentines Bundle are all worth trying. Especially because this is a bundle, so the price is lower. For more information, you can visit SNP instagram. For SNP Valentines Bundle it is available at Shopee SNP and only in February. For these three products, you only need to spend 185 thousand rupiah. Very thrifty right?

Are you curious about the best-selling SNP products in the SNP Valentines Bundle?


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