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SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 17, 2021

Hydration is very important for the skin to stay healthy. No matter what skin type, hydration is a must. Especially for those with dry skin like me, there is no gap to not hydrate the skin. I think I’ve told you several times that my skin condition is dry and sometimes it can get sore and peeling, especially in the crease of the nose. Well, I usually use it myself Elsheskin Hydrating Moisturizer Cream to solve that problem. But sometimes I feel lazy because I have to use two moisturizers.

Finally I tried to open SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum which has been on the shelf for a long time unopened my skincare. just trial and error several times until I finally found the right method, time, and dosage for my skin. For those who are curious, read to the end!

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SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum Review

So SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum This is an SNP product from the Lab+ line. There are several types of products from the Lab+ line, one of which is packagingit’s white and blue. The claim of this product is provides intense moisture.


Packaging from SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum This is a plastic bottle with a pump applicator. The color of the packaging is white with a combination of blue. I like the packaging because it looks clean and minimalistic.

SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum Review

The pump applicator itself is good, not hard but not flimsy either. With this pump applicator design, it makes you feel calm because the product is cleaner and more hygienic. Oh yes, the size of SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum this is 55ml, a lot right?

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Main content of SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum These are Triple Water, 5 NMF, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Licorice Root Extract, and Adenosine.

  • Triple Water
    The main content of SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum is water. The water in it itself comes from Hawaii Deep Sea Water, Italian Sparkling Water, and Canadian Glacier Water. This content can provide moisture to the skin from within.
  • 5 NMF
    NMF is a Natural Moisturizing Factor. Well this content function is to regulate the adequacy of the water content in the skin.
  • Hydrolized Collagen
    This ingredient can make the skin feel smooth and soft
  • Licorice Root Extract
    Licorice has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions
  • Adenosine
    This one ingredient also functions as an anti-inflammatory and can also strengthen the skin barrier


SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum Review

SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum This is a gel lotion texture, so compared to other serums, it is thicker but still not as thick as the texture of a moisturizer. The color is white and the taste watery. When applied to the skin, it feels like it fills the skin, you know, so it makes the skin smoother and softer. I usually use 2 pumps in the morning and 3 pumps at night. For the morning, 2 pumps don’t make greasy even though it is layered with sunscreen with a dose of two fingers.

My Experience

I’ve been using this product for about two months and I feel my skin is getting healthier. It’s very rarely dry that it peels off and then hurts. I also don’t use two moisturizers at the same time. So si SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum It functions as a serum that really strengthens the skin barrier and makes the skin moist. Then it can also replace my moisturizer which keeps the skin moist too.

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SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum Review

SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum This is great for dry skin! Really, if you have dry skin that stings and peels, try adding this product to your routine. Oh, but you need to remember, besides using this serum, I also use this maintain I use a hydrating toner, don’t exfoliate too often, use sunscreen every day, and also drink water!

SNP Lab+ Triple Water Aqua Serum you can buy this at Sociolla at a price 260,500 rupiah, but if there’s a discount now, it’s only 150 thousand! Original worth it It’s really great, especially since it contains 55ml, which is more than other serums.

Have you ever tried SNP products from this Lab+ line?


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