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Small doesn’t mean useless

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 09, 2017

Lately, there are so many problems in Indonesia and maybe the world. Whether it’s from the social, educational, political, or other fields. When a problem arises, most people try or if they haven’t been able to try, at least they want to do something big, which can save their country or maybe the world. Well, people like that really need to be appreciated.

For people who have the opportunity and want to try, or can be said to have the authority, then it is no longer a difficult thing to save the country or the world. Whether it’s by making regulations, presenting their arguments in front of important institutions, or something else.

So what about people who want to do something big, but don’t have the opportunity? Let’s start interpreting ‘big’ first. Something big, in the beginning must be preceded by something small. There can’t be a big one if you don’t go through the small phase first. Well, let’s apply this brief interpretation. When you feel you don’t have the opportunity to do something big, then try to do something useful first. Something useful for whom? Yes, try with something useful for yourself first, then to your friends, the environment around you. Maybe someday an opportunity will come for you to do something bigger 🙂

This is it. It’s like the big problem here is smoking. Person A thinks that smoking can harm himself and harm others. So by thinking like that, A will not smoke. Then, there are people who call it B. Si B is an addicted smoker. He did not think that smoking was detrimental to him, because he was addicted. But he remains aware that smoking can harm the people around him. Therefore, he does not smoke in public places so as not to harm others. Well, the two thoughts are actually different. One is pro-cigarette, the other is anti-smoking. But try to imagine if the two thoughts were thought by everyone. Maybe the number of passive smokers in Indonesia will decrease drastically. But remember that A and B only think and act, without blaming each other 🙂

From the example above, it can actually be underlined the last sentence wkwkwk. Yes, they do what they think is right, then they don’t blame different opinions from them. Try if everyone in the world is rich like that. Safe, comfortable, peaceful.

So the point of the absurd writing above is that you can actually do many useful things for yourself, other people, the country, or even the world just by doing small things that might actually look big in the perspective of the people around you. And if there are different opinions and perceptions, there is no need to blame and berate those who are different from you. Just do what you believe in, according to your conscience. Because in my opinion, conscience is like an angel who whispers kindness to you. Allah will not make his servant do the wrong thing, or at least when his servant is wrong, sooner or later he will be awakened, then it depends on the person whether he wants to be aware or not. After all, I believe that in all faiths, God will not want his people to make mistakes and be sad because of these mistakes. Because God loves all his people without exception 🙂

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