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Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion New Variant Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – January 22, 2021

I admit that I like to forget to take care of my body skin because I’m too focused on facial skin. Even though the skin of the body still has to be treated using bodycare, one way is to use Body Lotion. My favorite body lotion (and the whole house loves it too!!) ​​is Freshy Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion.

This body lotion I tried is latest variant from Body Lotion Scarlett Whitening. Before, I’ve tried Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion with Charming variant. Later I will explain what the differences are and which I recommend the most.

This product has the same packaging as the previous variants. With a plastic bottle and a pump that travel friendly because there is a fashion lock and unlockhis. The color of the bottle is transparent so you can clearly see the rest of the product inside.

This Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion contains 300 ml of product. For Body Lotion size, 300 ml is a lot. So I think this is very economical, because the contents of the product are quite a lot.

You also don’t have to worry about the condition of the product when it’s shipped, because the product packaging uses bubble wrap which is definitely safe. Several times I’ve received Scarlett Whitening products, they’re also safe, there’s never been a leak. Top when it comes to shipping packaging.

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One of the reasons why I say that this product is frugal is because the texture is quite thick and thick so you don’t need a lot of product to use it all over the body. Although the texture is thick, it is easy to blend into the skin. Once evenly distributed, this Freshy variant Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion feels light and not sticky on the skin.

This Freshy variant Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion is light yellow in color. This product can provide a tone up effect so that the skin looks brighter.

For the aroma, this Freshy variant Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion is similar to Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Eau De Cologne. It smells fresh and is my favorite type of fragrance. If you have to choose between several variants of Scarlett Body Lotion, I like Freshy the most!

Why Body Lotion Scarlett Whitening can make skin look brighter? The answer is because this product contains Glutathione which does have a function as a brightening agent. When we talk about Scarlett Whitening, it’s really unique with Glutathione ingredients.

In addition to containing Glutathione, this product also contains Vitamin E which can moisturize and nourish the skin. The complete ingredients are written on the label on the back of the product packaging. Unfortunately the list of ingredients is covered with a label on how to use the product, so it can’t be read πŸ™

But what’s interesting about Scarlett Whitening products, including this Freshy variant of Body Lotion, is that they are BPOM, halal, and do not test on animals. This local brand is really cool.

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I usually use this product after showering and before going out of the house. To apply it, you can do layering for maximum results. The maximum here means that it is more moist and the fragrance lasts longer.

I quite like the finish of using this Freshy Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion. My skin feels more moisturized and looks brighter. The fragrance is also long lasting, like you don’t need to use perfume anymore, it smells really good. Even when it hits water, it still smells good.

The difference with the Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion Charming variant is in its fragrance and moisture. The fragrance of the Charming variant tends to be sweet, while the Freshy smells fresh. The Freshy variant also feels more moist than the Charming variant. If you prefer a fresh scent, you really have to try this Freshy Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion!

You can buy this body lotion at Shopee Scarlett Whitening at a price of 75,000 rupiah. There is also a 5-item package with a price of 300,000 rupiah. For a package of 5 items, you will also get an exclusive box. If asked, is it worth it or not to buy this product? The answer is yes, it’s worth it because it really makes it bright, it smells good, lasts a long time, and it has a lot of content.


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