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Saffron Skincare Review That Can Dry Acne!

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – October 01, 2020

saffron skincare review

When I first started skincare, I really liked it explore and try various organic mask which was a huge hit at the time. From wash-off until peel-off all i tried. It just tastes good because there are many variants and the packaging is usually not that big so you can try many variants in a short period of time. I’m really a person who gets bored easily, that’s why if you try a mask, you can’t have a lot of filling because you won’t run out hehe.

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Some time ago I was offered to try organic masks from hyeco. Hyeco itself is one of the local brands that has organic mask products and facemist with saffron flower content. When I was offered, I immediately excited I really miss wearing organic masks 😍

saffron skincare

Saffron itself has many benefits for the body. As is well known, saffron flowers are very beneficial for health, but it turns out that saffron flowers also have benefits for the skin. Starting from brighten skin, give effect soothing, until prevent and treat acne. Very interesting right?

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Original Petal Saffron

saffron mask

This product is the first variant of their organic mask, the name is Original Petal Saffron. As I explained earlier, this mask contains saffron. The shape of the saffron is already smooth and will make the mask yellowish and red when mixed with water.

What I like about this product is the packaging which exists ziplockThis makes it easier to store the product when finished using it. I feel that this kind of packaging also makes the product safer and more hygienic. As for the contents, there are two types, namely 20 and 50 grams, so it’s really suitable for those who are like me (bored but want to keep masking haha) because the contents are not too much but can be used many times + the packaging is super safe!

The ingredients of this mask are Original Saffron Saffron, Super Negin Grade A+, Honey, Olive Oil, Lemon, Fresh Yogurt, Aloevera, Apple, and Organic Rice.

Petal Oat Mask

hyeco's petal oat mask

So, if this is the newest product from Hyeco, which has just been launchedlaunch last September 9th. This product comes in a 20 gram package and is indeed better in terms of appearance design. Unfortunately he’s not there ziplockhis. The composition or content is still the same as the previous mask. Then what’s the difference?

saffron maskhyeco saffron mask

Different with Original Petal Saffron Previously, this product had a coarser oat-like texture. Actually, before mixing with water, the texture of the two types of masks is the same. But when it is mixed with water it can be seen carrying Petal Oat Mask have particles like oats. On the left is the Original Saffron Petal and the right is the Petal Oat Mask.

Saffron Facemist

saffron facemist

The next product is Saffron Facemist. So actually I was sent two saffron facemists with Hyeco, and as I wrote this I just realized that they are different ingredients. There is two types, the first one contains saffron and zamzam water (the one in the photo) and the other is saffron with rose water. For those who have Zamzam water, it is suitable for those of you who have dry skin. While the one with rose water, is suitable for oily skin.

I think this product is good because it can Moisturizing and refreshing the face. I’m very happy to use this product when I want it repeat sunscreen after prayer. Then the mist is also smooth but still spreads and doesn’t need a lot of spray to make my face wet. Sometimes I use this facemist to mix masks as well.

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My Thoughts

saffron mask

saffron mask

I’ve used a mask several times and also a facemist from Hyeco dannn i like it! Why do I like it? Because The texture is really nice when applied, doesn’t dry out my skin. Then it’s cool again, the mask product is Original Petal Saffron can make my acne dry. Actually I don’t expect he will affect my acne but at night I put a mask on, in the morning my acne is dry.

As for the facemist, as I explained before, if she likes it, I use it when I want to repeat sunscreen and also as a mixture of masks. The result is my face feels tight more moist and fresh very! Especially if you use it during the day~

saffron mask

In my opinion, Hyeco’s mask and facemist products are super affordable even though they use the ingredients Original Super Negin Saffron pistil with Grade A+. You can get Hyeco products at Shopee HYECO.ID with a price of 10-25k for the Original Petal Saffron, 14.5k for the Petal Oat Mask, and 45-65k for the Saffron Facemist. Oh yes, if you want to consult first, you can. More info directly to Hyeco’s Instagram never mind!


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