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[Review] Wardah White Secret Day Cream

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 01, 2019

Day Cream is one of the skincare that I never skip in my morning skincare routine. This Day Cream can be said to be a moisturizer and sunscreen combined into one, so you don’t need to use a lot of products. The day cream that I have used regularly for about 1.5 years is Wardah White Secret Day Cream SPF 35, PA+++

Why did I choose this product? At first it was because I had tried other Wardah day cream products, but they didn’t suit me. Then try to use this White Secret series and it turns out…. fall in love.


  • Antioxidant Complex which protects the skin from free radicals
  • Crystal-White Active which helps brighten and make the skin tone more even
  • Vitamin B3 to disguise dark spots on the face
  • Dual Action-Hydrating Agent which is sure to moisturize and maintain skin elasticity
  • SPF 35 and PA+++ or UV Protection that can protect skin from UV A & UV B


In terms of the outer packaging, it’s simple, but it looks elegant. It’s just so expensive. This variant uses a design with a combination of white and silver. On each side of the box is also written information about the product in it.

Once the outer packaging is opened, the product is in the form of a jar, it still looks ‘expensive’ because the color choice is not a joke. After opening the lid, there is still a protective cover inside. Automatically the finished product is more hygienic.

The Product

This Wardah White Secret Day Cream has a slightly thick texture, is it really thick? When you apply it to your face, it’s a bit difficult at first because of the SPF content, but over time it will blend and won’t make you look like you’re wearing a ‘mask’. Oh yes, this product contains 30 grams. There’s a lot of it and it lasts a long time on me even though I use it every day.

On my face, this Wardah White Secret Day Cream, apart from being a moisturizer and sunscreen, can also be a tone up cream. Why? Because when I apply it to my face, it makes my face brighter, more glowing, and you can see in this photo….my undereye is not so dark. Maybe it’s because of the ‘white secret’ effect, so it feels like a tone up cream.

For me, this Wardah White Secret Day Cream has become a favorite and I don’t know if I will replace it or not. I really don’t want to try other products because I love it. But actually there are downsides too.

Wardah White Secret Day Cream

(+) the packaging is very luxurious, the impression is elegant and exclusive

(+) really moisturizes and protects the skin from UV A & UV B without the need to overwrite sunscreen again

(+) makes skin look glowing

(+) disguises dark spots and dark undereyes

(+) even though it contains SPF, but it doesn’t make it whitecast

(-) the results look a bit long, maybe because I only use the day cream from the product range in this White Secret variant. Maybe if you use everything it will be faster and more optimal

(-) I don’t know, I love this product too much

Overall rate 4.5 / 5

Actually, I want to try the essence from Wardah, the White Secret variant, he said it was good. But there’s still a lot more to try. So, let’s use the day cream first. For those of you who want to have bright & glowing skin, maybe this Wardah White Secret Day Cream product can be an option!


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