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Review of Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne

Who doesn’t hate it when their face suddenly gets pimples? Especially now everywhere you have to wear a mask and finally make one mask. I used to be actually not the type of person who gets acne easily, but lately I’ve been getting pimples a lot because of wearing a mask, and when I’m stressed, I’m definitely spotty. It’s really a PR when it comes to acne. That’s why I’m now concern It really helps prevent acne on my face.

nature just released a product that can solve that problem! Do you know the brand? nature? Yes, nature is local brand which has been around for several years. Recently, nature put out product skincare Their newest is Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum. This product consists of three variants, namely Glowing & Moisturizing, Anti Acne, and Revive Skin. Because now my face problem is acne, so I tried the Anti Acne variant.

nature miracle face oil review

Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne This is really interesting, calling out for a try because packagingits super cute and adorable! From the box it’s already super cute, where is the color Tosca, it’s really cute. Then the packaging is a doff bottle, it looks like simple but good. Oh yeah, at the mouth of the bottle, there is stopper which makes the product not easy to spill when taken with a pipette.

The content of this product is 30 ml, which I think is standard for serum sizes. Main content of Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne this is Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil. Claim of this product is can Treats acne prone skin because it contains anti-bacterial, making the face more moist and glowing. Oh yes, this product has beenBPOM and certified Halal MUI! So you don’t have to worry about the content in this Face Oil Serum.

nature miracle face oil review

Let’s discuss the main content of Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne this. First, there is Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil or Tea Tree Oil which is very effective in dealing with acne problems. Tea Tree Oil has anti-bacterial properties so it can prevent and treat acne. Second, there is Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil or Jojoba Oil. This ingredient can moisturize and also protect the skin because it contains anti-oxidants. In addition, Jojoba Oil also functions as an anti-bacterial which can be used to treat acne.

So many people ask me, Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne What step is this actually used at? Is it at the serum step before moisturizer or at the end after moisturizer? So, you can use this product on step serum because the texture is light so it doesn’t feel greasy even though it’s stilllayers with moisturizer afterwards. Usually I use 2-4 drops in one use.

nature miracle face oil serum
As I explained before, the texture of this product light even I think it’s lighter than other facial oils that I’ve tried. Because it’s light, he becomes easy to absorb and do not feel greasy. This product too not sticky, really really like the texture. That’s why this product is very comfortable to use not only at night but also in the morning.

I think the smell of this product is super calming, namely the fragrance of Tea Tree! So this product not only soothes my acne-prone skin, but also relaxes and calms down when I use this product, hihi.

Experience use Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne This is very pleasant because of its light texture, soothing fragrance, and quickly absorbed into the skin. A few pimples appeared when I used this product, and I’m sure the cause was the use of the mask and because lately I’ve been stressed about working on my thesis. Well, talk about it wkwkwk.

nature miracle face oil review

Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne this helps soothes my skin which is not well. Acne that previously hurt, so it doesn’t hurt anymore. There are also acne that dries quickly after i use this product. You could say this product contains #DoubleMiracle because the two main ingredients really work well to treat acne. In every 2 #DropsOfMiracle I use, experienceits always good. Oh yeah, one more thing… Because every use it only takes 2-4 drops, that’s why this product super cheap!

I recommend this product if you are looking for it Serum that moisturizes but also treats acne! For those of you who want to try this product, you can buy it at Shopee and Lazada Natur at a price of 140,000 rupiah.

nature miracle face oil review

How about you, are you interested in trying it? Natur Miracle Face Oil Serum Anti Acne this?

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