May 27, 2022 9:17 am

Review of Khadi Natural products by Beautify and Healthify

Well during the Nykaa Sale i purchased Khadi brands products, Khadi is the brand that deals with all natural and ayurvedic products.

1. Khadi Natural Cucumber ALOE Vera Herbal Cleansing milk

  • This product is good for daily use .It cleans the daily makeup ,dust dirt quite effectively,But not so good for heavy eye makeup
  • Its paraben free and smells of cucumber.
  • Refreshes  and soothes skin  due to its cucumber and aloevera ingredients.
  • Does not make skin dry or oily .Good for all skin types.
  • Affordable product.

Overall Rating:4/5

2. Khadi Pure Herbal Neem &Cucumber Face Freshener

  • Very affordable product and easy to use in spray form.
  • It has Neem and cucumber so it cleanses dirt  and soothes skin .
  • This is chemical free product
  • But Smell is bit strong.
  • Even after spraying  face  doesn’t stay fresh for longtime

Overall Rating:3.9/5

3. Khadi Natural Milk and Saffron Hand Cream

Well this is my first hand cream am using earlier I just used the body lotion but now I realized ‘ Your Hand shows the real age’ .So it is very important to buy a hand cream I researched many hand creams  but this one is the nicest choice because of its fragrance and Price
This is incorporated with Milk  (Goat Milk)and Saffron.

  • Fragrance is very nice. and Budget friendly
  • It hydrates your skin well and makes skin soft and supple After I used this ,my hands skin tone is improved .
  • Cream is of slightly thick consistency but really great for the price.
  • Herbal product free from chemicals

Overall Rating:4.5/5

4. Khadi Natural Saffron,Tulsi & Reetha Hair Cleanser/Shampoo

I tried  this Khadi Shampoo for the first time  ,since its herbal.

  • Herbal product with ingredients like Saffron -that repairs hair follicles and promotes growth,Reetha that cleanses hair and Tulsi which promotes strong and lustrous hair
  • I have oily scalp and dry its really good for oily scalp and little amount of shampoo is sufficient and lathers well.But its makes my hair more dry .So its a must to use a conditioner after shampoo.
  • It has strong ayurvedic smell too.
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Buy this product if you have oily/frizzy scalp,I do not recommend for dry scalp.

Overall Rating:4/5

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