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[REVIEW] My Everyday Lipstick&Lipcream : Flawless Miniso, Wardah, Emina

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – February 18, 2019

Who likes ombre lips? Recently, ombre lips have become a trend among girls who like makeup. Ombre lips can usually be made using two contrasting lip colors. For example, one lipstick/lipcream produces a pale color and the other a bolder color. There are many lip color products that can be used to make ombre lips. There are even lipsticks that have 2 colors at once so that the application for ombre lips is easier and more practical.

For myself, I prefer to use 2 lip creams which are pale and bold. The pale lipcream I use is Flawless Matte Lipcream which is a product from Miniso. The Flawless Matte Lipcream I use is shade number 01 – Peach Perfect. For the center of the lips, I use Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipcream, our favorite. I used color 12 – Plum It Up.

So, how?

Use Flawless Matte Lipcream shade 01 first all over the lips evenly
Next, apply Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipcream shade 12 to the inner lips, then just tap and tap to tidy up


Flawless Matte Lipcream, I bought it at Miniso Malioboro. The price is around 40 thousand. The color is beautiful but I don’t know why I want the shade 01 – Peach Perfect, which turns out to be really perfect for making ombre lips.

The packaging is really good, it looks luxurious because the color is dovy transparent and the material doesn’t look cheap either. The applicator is also good, doesn’t make the lips runny. For those of me who have dry lips, before using this lip cream I definitely use lipbalm first and it doesn’t dry out my lips. The resistance is also okay, even if it’s not oily, it stays on the lips. The color for shade 01 is a pale peach.

Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipcream, this actually has a mother who doesn’t use it because the color is really bold. I think the price is around 40-50 thousand. Actually, all of Wardah’s lip creams are beautiful in color, including this 12 – Plum It Up. Unfortunately, if it’s been used for a long time, sometimes the color will peel off. So if you want to touch up it can’t be directly overwritten, you have to delete it first and then reuse it. And because of ombre lips, you have to reapply from the first layer. It’s sad.

The packaging itself is really good, if you have dozens of colors you can still tell the color because the transparent packaging makes the color of the lipcream inside visible clearly. The applicator is also almost the same as Flawless Matte Lipcream, it doesn’t make it runny. The color is also immediately visible even after just one swipe.

Swatches Flawless Matte Lipcream 01-Peach Perfect dan Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipcream 12-Plum It Up

It’s obvious that the difference is that Wardah’s color is darker than Flawless. Maybe it’s because Wardah’s color is also bolder and Flawless when used alone without mixing other colors.

The result when I use it on my lips is really pretty. It’s really a favorite when you’re walking or hanging out + eating with friends, because it lasts a long time. Even though Wardah will soon forget.

So, Flawless Matte Lipcream shade 01-Peach Perfect & Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipcrem shade 12- Plum It Up can be your choice if you want to make ombre lips.

There’s one more product that’s really my favourite. The color is muted, the lips look “my lips but better”. This is a lipstick product from Emina, Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick. Actually, this series has been out for a very long time, but I just wanted to try it because yesterday I was swatching the shade 02 Cookie Dough in my hand. Incidentally at Guardian again there is a 20% discount, so I immediately took it. The price itself is 30 thousand, but because when I bought it again it was 20% off, so I bought it for 25 thousand. Not happy.


The packaging itself is really cute, actually the box is even cuter. A combination of several pastel colors, but forgot to take a photo he he he. The packaging is made of plastic so it’s light. Actually, it’s a drawback because the impression is very frail, but because the funny thing is you know it’s cute, so that’s okay. Where can I buy only 25 thousand, well, I don’t want to expect more.

This lipstick is not matte, it’s creamy in texture. For those whose lips are dry, like me, it’s really suitable. When it comes to durability, that’s okay. If he doesn’t eat, he will stay. But don’t expect it to last long, it’s called a creamy lipstick, it’s not as durable as matte.

This is the shade 02 Cookie Doough. It’s a reddish-brown color, perfect for everyday wear. It doesn’t look overly, but it still makes lips look colored + moist. It’s really a favorite for college.

wearing Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick shade 02-Cookie Dough

Maybe Flawless Matte Lipcream 01-Peach Perfect, Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipcream 12-Plum It Up, and Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick 02-Cookie Dough can be references for those of you who are looking for lip products for everyday use. I hope this helps


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