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[REVIEW] Makeover Blush On Single : Promiscious Peach & Caribbean Sunset

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 12, 2019

It’s been a long time since the contents of this blog have only been skincare, skincare, and a little makeup. So that you don’t have to do a little make-up and have lots of friends, then this is the post for this blush on makeover review. Actually I only have one, the Promiscious Peach. But my mother has the Caribbean Sunset one, so instead of just reviewing one, let’s go for both.

So blush or blush, cheelah, is a new product that I really like. Usually I don’t feel confident about using blush because my cheeks like to turn red when I’m hot, but recently they’re not as red as they used to be (I want to say thank you first to Elsheskin’s Radiant Skin Serum :’)) Finally, I’m starting to try blush on. I’m sorry I’m so gaped 🙁

This Blush On Single Makeover is actually a separate version of the Makeover Blush On Palette (huh, isn’t it?). The color is really pretty, you can google the shade options if you’re curious. Me (and my mom) have the shade one 03 Promiscious Peach and 06 Caribbean Sunset.

We start with the packaging. This makeover is packaged in the color of the item with the makeover logo on it, it looks simple but it’s cool because of the color of the item. Inside there is a super large glass and a brush that is too small for my spilled cheeks. From the packaging, I think it’s a bit difficult to carry around for travelling, the size is quite big because it takes up a lot of space. Better bring Emina cheecklit ehe.

I think the brush itself is really too small. I’m afraid that it will even block in certain parts, that’s the color. So I’ve never used the default brush for this blush.

Left : Caribbean Sunset Right : Promiscious Peach

Shades Promiscious Peach and Caribbean Sunset both of them look super beautiful at first glance. Caribbean Sunset The color is more of a peach orange, a bit brown. If Promiscious Peach That’s peach with a hint of pink.

I personally prefer the Promiscious Peach because the color is really like a mix of peach and pink like that. I think it fits perfectly with any look. If that Caribbean Sunset more suitable for those of you who have dark skin, your face will look super fresh!

Focus : Promiscious Peach

Focus : Caribbean Sunset

Both are equally pigmented, but Caribbean Sunset The color comes out more because it’s a bolder color. If I’m wearing it Caribbean SunsetYou really have to be careful because the color is so pigmented and it’s dangerous if you use it too much it looks like a clown.

What I don’t like about this blush is that it’s super super fallout. The details are really everywhere until they pollute the place itself, sometimes the glass in the packaging is also dirty. So if you’re wearing blush, you really have to Be careful with the color because it’s very pigmented & Be careful with clothes because the fallout is a bit annoying and can make clothes dirty.

real portrait to the fallout of this blush

I just made one look for each shade. Which Promiscious Peach I put it together with sweet eye makeup, a purplish pink color, perfect for a WKWK date. Then if Caribbean Sunset I use the product on my cheeks and eyes. Because I’m confused about how, when I try to apply it on the cheeks, it’s super super like a clown, so it’s okay to leave it aside (read: all right).

So this is the first time I’m using a shade Promiscious Peach. Without eyeliner because I’m lazy to remove eyeliner, I wanted to not wear mascara too but how come her eyes look bald like that, hm. I use Emina Sugar Rush shade Cookie Dough on her lips and mix it with Wardah Lipcream which is Pink Plumise.

Use Promiscious Peach

why are his eyes so big? wkwk

While the clown look with Caribbean Sunset, like I said the eyeshadow also uses the blush. Again, without eyeliner and only using the rest of the mascara from the previous look. Then his lips used Wardah Speachless Lipcream + Pixy Glam Coral Lipcream and then added Brun Brun’s Lip Glace in the Bare Sparkle shade. Are you ready to see the clown?

Use Caribbean Sunset

So the overall review is like this, Mom…
(+) super pigmented
(+) the color is beautiful, just adjust it to the skin color
(+) on me (normal skin) it lasts quite a long time, it’s okay to use it hot too
(+) the packaging is practical because it has glass

(-) difficult to carry traveling
(-) bad fallout, so dirty

Rating : 3.5/5

More or less, forgive my clown face in the last 2 photos 🙁 See ya!


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