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[Review] Freeman Charcoal + Black Sugar (Gel Mask + Scrub)

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – April 16, 2019

Have you ever felt sorry for your facial skin? Every day, I use moisturizer, sunscreen, powder, not to mention BB cream/foundation at certain events. Have you ever thought that there are leftovers from that skincare & make-up that stick and leave on the skin even though we have cleaned it? Not to mention the dirty air. Well si Freeman Charcoal + Black Sugar (Gel Mask + Scrub) this can make your skin clean and can breathe again!

The claim of this product is that it can detoxify our skin and make the skin breathable, absorb oil without drying the skin, and can exfoliate dead skin cells and the result will smooth the skin. And this product can be used by all skin types.

So are the claims and the reality the same?


This mask contains Activated Charcoal which has many benefits for facial skin. Activated Charcoal can detox the skin, absorb excess oil, clean pores, treat acne, remove blackheads, and soften the skin.

This product also contains several fruit extracts such as Banana, Coconut, Ginger, Guava, Papaya, Rasberry, and others, most of which have functions to moisturize, treat acne, and protect the skin from aging. In addition, there are also content lemongrass effective for getting rid of acne.

Minus of this product is that it contains fragrance which is not really good for the skin. But on the ingredients section, the fragrance is written at the end so the amount is not as much as the ingredients on it. But it smells good 🙁


From the packaging itself, I think it fits really well. Because of the shape of the tube and the method of removing the product by pressing, it feels more hygienic. Then another plus point is that it’s not wasteful because we can control how much product we want to put out.

The shape of the mouth of the tube itself is like this

Move on to the mask. This mask is in the form of a gel, so it is easier to apply directly with your hands. I usually use this mask 1-2 times a week. This mask is really good to use when you have a full day of activities because it can really refresh your face & of course absorbs excess oil from all day activities.

The first time it was applied to the skin, it felt really hot. At first I was worried because I thought my skin wouldn’t suit this product. It turned out that when I was browsing, that’s the sensation I feel every time I use this mask. That happens because he is still cleaning our pores and making our skin breathe!

As the name suggests, gel mask + scrub, there are small black sugar granules in it. In addition to being quite large in size, there are also a lot of them. So for those of you who want to scrub your face using this product, you don’t need to press. He can already exfoliate your facial skin without you needing to press too much 🙂

The effect after using this mask, my face immediately feels really smooth. I really enjoy holding my own cheeks after using this Freeman Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask. He really can absorb excess oil which is usually in the nose, forehead, and chin area. It feels like a mat, but it doesn’t dry out your face. When it comes to cleaning blackheads, Biore’s porepack is still the winner :)))) But this product really feels like it can clean pores. It feels so easy after the mask. It’s just delicious.

This is going to be my favorite mask for detox & exfoliating. What’s your favorite mask for detox & exfoliating?


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