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[Review] Clean with Micellar Water – Wardah, Ovale, Nivea, Emina

The longer the time, the more activities and automatically the free time will shrink. Have you ever felt really lazy to clean your face after a long day of activities? I do it often :))) So how do you deal with it?

Technology is getting more sophisticated, in the world of facial cleansers, Micellar Water appears which is now almost everyone’s favorite. Actually this micellar water was first made because clean water is hard to get in Paris. But eventually developed into one of the mainstay for cleaning the face.

I personally prefer using micellar water instead of cleansing oil/balm/milk cleanser. Why? Because it feels light when you use micellar water. But this micellar water Can’t it be the only facial cleanser?. You still have to wash your face afterwards. Actually, there are some people who don’t feel the need to wash their face after using micellar water. But for me, I still have to wash my face because if it doesn’t feel like it’s sticky, it’s also uncomfortable to put it on with skincare.

There are several micellar waters that I’ve been experimenting with in the last few months. There are Wardah, Nivea, Ovale, and Emina. I will discuss one by one…

Nivea MicellAir Skin Breathe

This is the first micellar water I have tried. The reason for buying this is because it’s cute that the packaging is small and the color of the item. Immediately attracted to buy wkwk.

This MicellAir Skin Breathe is really nice to use. It doesn’t sting your eyes at all, even waterproof mascara works (but it’s not as easy as using cleansing oil). And when you clean your lips, it doesn’t leave a bitter taste. It’s really great. What I feel is lacking is only the size. I said that I was interested in buying it because it’s small, it’s cute, but when I put it on, I feel like it’s really small and there’s no big version, so it’s a waste of money, right, because I keep buying and buying.

The claim is 0% product residue, which means you don’t have to rinse your face after using this product. When I first started using it, I didn’t rinse my face with water again after I finished using this product. But after some time, I feel more comfortable when I wash my face using a facial wash after cleansing my face using this micellair skin breathe.

This product contains natural ingredients such as Black Tea, Blackberry and Blackcurrant which contain antioxidants and can moisturize and make our skin ‘breathe’.

(+) Can clean waterproof eye makeup!!! Another plus because it doesn’t hurt at all

(+) It’s really good for cleaning matte lipstick too (I use wardah, yes, matte lip cream). When you accidentally lick your lips, it’s not bitter either

(+) The price is around 30k, including cheap, right? Sometimes I don’t even reach 30, shay

(+) 0% Alcohol, which is sooo goooddddd

(+) The size is cute so it’s good for traveling

(-) There is only 1 size, and it’s small

rates :

Wardah Cleansing Micellar Water

Tempted to buy this when Wardah was having a discount. Because some of my makeup is Wardah, I think it would be more effective to clean it with Wardah too.

For me, this is way below Nivea. For facial makeup, you can’t really lift it with one or two swipes. Make the lips bitter too. But my mother and sister are very compatible with this product. They want to repurchase again.

This product contains seaweed and cucumber extracts which are very good for soothing the skin after applying makeup. In addition, this product contains a bio cleansing active which is said to be processed from olive oil which can cleanse the skin.

(+) There are 2 sizes, small and large so it can be adjusted according to needs. If you want to make it at home, buy a big one. If you want to travel, just buy a small one

(+) The packaging is cute. I can’t be faced with anything funny a bit 🙁
(+) From the ingredients, there is no alcohol content. But there’s really no alcohol free claim on the packaging

(-) Can’t clean waterproof makeup

(-) It takes a lot of cotton because it takes many swipes 🙁

(-) Bitter when licked

rates :

For me, micellar water, which requires multiple swipes to make my skin clean, isn’t really that bad. I have sensitive skin, so if I rub it repeatedly, it will turn red and sometimes it will sting 🙁

Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water

Never had any plans to buy this product. But when walking in Mutiara, look at this ovale and then look at the price. Astoge murce, there’s a lot of it, I’m tempted. Finally bought and tried it. Wow I’m in love :)))

It contains 200ml, more than my previous favorite micellar water, Nivea. The price is 11-12 the same as the Nivea. So the price is almost the same but it contains a lot of this Ovale. Incidentally, when I started using Ovale, I rarely used waterproof mascara, so I don’t really know how it works for removing waterproof makeup.

This product claims to clean the face, eyes, and lipstick. I agree, but it’s not waterproof. If it’s a matte lipstick, it’s still okay, but waterproof eye makeup is better if you use an eye makeup remover that contains oil.

This Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water contains magnolia extract which can help brighten facial skin. Wow, clean your face like you use skincare, ok? This product is also alcohol and fragrance free.

(+) The price is cheap, it contains a lot. I swear this is very important

(+) Can remove face + lip makeup very well

(+) Not bitter, delicious
(+) Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free

(-) The packaging is not eye-catching, so if you don’t understand, it’s a bit lazy to buy
(-) Make waterproof eye makeup less able to clean

rates :

Emina Micellar Water Drop Cleanser

After trying Emina’s sunscreen and sheet mask, I’m curious about other skincare products. Then I saw this micellar water, so I wanted to try it and finally bought it.

Maybe because it’s the same company as Wardah, the packaging isn’t much different from Wardah’s micellar water. The difference is, Emina is cuter and funnier. It really fits the image that is intended for teenagers.

The content of Emina and Wardah is also not much different. There are only a few that have a different consistency. In Wardah, one content is on the top list, which means there are quite a lot of them, in Emina it’s even on the bottom list, which means there are fewer. The performance of the two micellar waters, which are brothers and sisters, is also different, maybe because of the different consistency.

(+) Very clean for cleaning facial makeup and lipstick
(+) If licked, bitter
(+) The packaging is cute, cute, emesh

(-) There is only 1 size and small
(-) For waterproof makeup (mascara) it can’t be cleaned

rates :

You can see from the photo above, which one is cleaner for removing lip makeup. There I used Wardah Lipcream which is famous for being long lasting.

So, which one do you prefer? Or are you not a micellar water user?

Apart from that, micellar water is indeed very easy to use as a facial cleanser at night when you are tired from various activities all day. Its practicality is able to keep us clean even though we are very lazy.


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