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Review Brun Brun Cream Blush : Pink, Peach, and Bronze

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – July 11, 2019

Recently, I prefer to use cream blush because it is practical, can be blended by hand, and lasts longer than powder blush. When I went to Brun Brun’s store, I met a cute cream blush in the form of a sachet. Take all the colors right away because I’m super excited.

This Brun Brun cream blush has three colors, namely pink, peach, and bronze. The pink one does look different in packaging compared to the other two colors, but if you read the description on the back of the product, it’s the same. Maybe the packaging is different…


It will give your cheeks a natural pink/peach/bronze hue in just 1 minute.


Water, Glycerin, Isononyl Isononanoate, Polyacrylate-13, Cyclopentasiloxane, Octyldodecanol, Polyisobutene, Lactic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Octyldodecyl Xyloside, Sorbitan Caprylate, PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Fragrance, Polysorbate Chiloside, Sorbitan Seed Oil, Xylose

All three colors have the same ingredients, except for the coloring. Now this cream blush contains ingredients that moisturize the skin such as glycerin, aloe barbandensis extract, and jojoba seed oil.


There are two sizes of this cream blush, the normal size (tube) and the sample size (sachet). I bought the sachet because I really wanted to try it and at home there are still some other blushes. Well, this sample size contains 5 ml at a price of 19,900 rupiah. While the tube is 35,900 for 15 ml, it’s more economical if you think about it. But for fear of not using it, just buy the 5 ml one~

Cream blush which is a sample size is not actually a sample, because if you look at the packaging, it is actually made to be used multiple times as a daily blush, but it’s not too complicated if you want to carry it.


This is a swatch on white paper, sister. You can see, the pink color tends to violet. Then the peach is really peach orange, and the bronze is really dark brown. But if you apply it to your hands, the results are like this…

Pink color It’s not so violet, it’s just a fresh pink that looks like it. Oh yeah, for the pink one, it looks really sheer at first, but wait a few seconds and the color will come out. So you have to apply it a little bit so it doesn’t get too messy. Peach color super sheer on my skin. But it’s really good for daily activities like going to campus because the results are super natural. To bronze colorIf you look at the first swatch (on paper), it looks like it’s really brown and can be used as a bronzer. But on my skin (and I don’t really use bronzer), it’s a brick red color and it’s really pretty when you apply it as a blush. That’s why I use it as blush, not bronzer.

Pigmentation and Staying

As for the pigmentation, I don’t know anymore because it’s super pigmented. Just use a little bit of the tip of your finger, the color is already coming out. Usually I take the product only the tip of my index finger that has fingerprints on it, just a speck of it can make my cheeks blush. That’s why the cream blush sample size is super durable. Because it’s really sepigmented…

Apart from being pigmented, this cream blush is also long lasting. Even if you want to compare it with Emina, this product is much more durable. Being hit by water many times also doesn’t go away. But I happen to not have counted how many hours the cream blush actually lasts.

Overall Review

I think this Brun Brun Cream Blush is a must for you to try. Just buy 20,000 which is a sample size and see the magic. My favorite is the bronze color because it’s really that pretty. The packaging is also very cute and looks like it’s asking to be bought. Just be careful for those of you who are playing at the Brun Brun store and keep looking at this product. But seriously, give it a try!

If it’s from 1-10, this product is worth 9. Why not 10? Because the peach color is really sheer, hehehehe. That’s all my review. Hope it is useful! 🙂


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