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[REVIEW] Brighten Skin in a Week with Scarlett Whitening

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – September 05, 2020

Who doesn’t know local brands Scarlett Whitening? This brand is famous for its body care products that can brighten the skin. Their products always appear on Instagram, there are lots of reviews and testimonials that say that this product is really good.that good‘. Finally I had the opportunity to try out her body care products, namely Body Scrub, Shower Scrub, and Body Lotion.

Scarlett Whitening

Before I discuss the products one by one, I want to tell you first that these are Scarlett products already have BPOM. This Scarlett too do not test the product on animals. It’s safe anyway. Well, these products from Scarlett contain Glutathione and Vitamin E which can brighten, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Are you curious about the products? Let’s discuss one by one.

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Body Scrub – Romance

romance body scrub

This product is a body scrub that works to remove dead skin cells. How to use by applying the product all over the body, then let stand 2-3 minutes. After that rub gently and rinse with water. Just use this product 2-3 times a week, not too often.

Scarlett body scrub

This product is packaged in a white jar. What I like about this product is that there are sealhis! So it’s very safe and hygienic. Usually I only open half of it, then when I’m done using it, I can close it again. That’s why in the photo I can close it again like it’s still new. Even though I’ve used it many times.

Scarlett body scrub

This product is white in color and in terms of texture, this product is different from other scrub products that I have used. This product is almost like whip cream, so the texture is, but there are scrub granules that make it not as smooth as whip cream. As for the scrub itself, the granules are quite small so it doesn’t hurt when used.

The scent of this product is fresh flowers, it’s really good! It makes bathing so much fresher because it smells good. After I used this product, it’s really true Dead skin cells are lifted, skin becomes brighter and softer.

Shower Scrub – Pomegrante

Scarlett soap

The next product is Brightening Shower Scrub with Pomegrante variant. This is a scrub product for the body but the particles are very small and fine so it can be used every day. I used to use this as a bath soap. All you have to do is pour this product into your hands and then apply it all over your body like using regular bath soap. I use this product every morning and evening.

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The packaging of this product is a transparent plastic bottle so we can see the beautiful texture. Although the packaging uses plastic bottles, you don’t need to worry that the packaging will be damaged during shipping. Because all Scarlett products are packaged with bubble wrap and still added with the box. It’s safe anyway.

Scarlett whitening texture

The texture of this product is super pretty, I really like it. The purple clear gel coupled with the fine red and blue particles makes the color combination really beautiful to photograph, hihi. As for the aroma, it’s a mixture of sweet and fresh, so it’s really good because it doesn’t lean too much towards one. If you smell it, it smells like children’s shampoo with a berry variant.

This product is a type of soap that is easy to rinse and does not make the body slippery. It can effectively cleanse the body, especially since it has fine scrub granules so it feels cleaner and the bonus is that it smells super fresh!

Body Lotion – Charming

brightening body lotion

The last product and the one that makes me the most curious is Body Lotion! I want to talk about the smell first. This product smells so good, when you use it, one house can say “you smell really good”, and the scent lasts a long time too! People say it smells very similar Bacarat Rouge 540 perfume.

Scarlett whitening body lotion

Just like the shower scrub, the packaging of this product is a plastic bottle. The difference is, this product uses a pump and what’s special is that the pump can be locked. Just turn the pump and the product will be locked, perfect for carrying traveling!

charming body lotion

The texture of this product is a pink lotion which is super soft and non-sticky. The product is easy to blend and absorbs easily. This product provides moisture to the skin and can also brighten the skin instantly because it has a tone up. How to use by applying all over the body and smooth. I use this product every day.

I used this product before going to meet my friends. When I passed, they immediately said “Bella you smell so good, what perfume do you use?”. Even though I don’t use perfume at all, I only use this lotion! And the smell is very long lasting. If for outdoor yes about 3-6 hours, but for indoor I think up to 8 hours.

Before After & Overall Review

I used all three products, namely Body Scrub, Shower Scrub, and Body Lotion from Scarlett Whitening regularly for one week. I was quite surprised by the results because my skin became more moist and brighter, even though I’ve only used it for a week.

before after scarlett whitening

Indeed, the results are not very visible because of only one week of use. But just imagine, if you use it regularly for a month or more, how good will the results be? I can’t wait to see the results in the next month haha.

I recommend this product for those of you who are looking for products to brighten the skin (not whiten it) or for those of you who are looking for body care products that smell long lasting. You can buy this product at Scarlett’s official shop at Shopee at a price of 75,000 per product. There is also a package version that is more economical, 300,000 for 5 products can be mixed. For purchasing a package of 5 products, you will also get a beautiful box that can be used again! Interested in trying Scarlett Whitening?


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