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Review Base, Personalized Skincare Safe for Teens

Have you met Base yet? Base is local brand whose product is personalized skincare. Personalized Skincare here means that you can get skincare according to your skin type and condition. Base provides a skin test on its website to find out the needs of each skin.

Base products all safe for teens because it is made of natural ingredients and vegan. Materials used too high quality and sourced from various parts of the world. Very special right? No need to worry too because Base is already BPOM and free from phthalates and parabens.

I myself have tried 3 products from Base, namely

  • Nine To Ten Purifying Cleanser – BPOM NA18191234975
  • Lightly Dew Toner – BPOM NA18191235219
  • Ultra Matte Natural Sunscreen – BPOM NA18201701157

I’ve been trying these three products for 2 weeks and this time I want to tell you about my experience and review while using Base!


Packaging from cleaner and this Base toner is different from sunscreenhis. To cleaner and toner using ceramic bottle white with a sticker with our name. While the sunscreen is packaged in tube oval shaped plastic purple.

I like the Base packaging details insert our name and formula ID. So it really feels special and personal! When else have skincare with our name written on packaginghis?

Packaging Details cleaner and this toner uses pump which can be lock and unlock. I like details like this. So it doesn’t spill easily when you take it with you. To lock and unlockjust play it, it’s really easy! While packaging sunscreenthis one has pointed end. I also like the pointed tip detail on the sunscreen because it will not release most of its products.


As I explained before, this Base product personalized and adapted to skin conditions. To find out which products are suitable, we must first fill out a test on the Base website. Here he is #matchmaker results I’m on the Base website….

When finished taking the test, we will be notified ingredients what suits our skin type and condition. We will also get recommendations for suitable Base products! Now let’s see ingredients from each Recommended products Base for me.

in product cleanernya, I get cleaner with some hero ingredients for my skin. There is glycerin, squalane, vitamin E and calendula extract. For the toner, there is glycerin, aloe vera and myrothamnus flabelliofolia leaf extract. Whereas sunscreenis pregnant Vitamin E and glycerin. Oya, sunscreen This base is hybrid yes.

As I explained earlier that the ingredients in Base skincare products are obtained from various parts of the world. Calendula Extract from Gujarat, Myrothamnus Flabelifoliys Extract from South Africa and Squalane from Japan.

The ingredients in these three products are all natural and suitable for teenagers!

Textures & Scents

Of the three Base products that I tried, they all have different textures. Nine To Ten Purifying Cleanser have texture creamy with white. Cleanser this not foaming And when it hits the skin it feels very soft. Lightly Dew Toner have texture liquid, watery, light with a slightly cloudy color. Inside there are brown granules that make this toner cloudy. But don’t worry, these granules don’t mean your toner is dirty, that’s how the texture is. Final, Ultra Matte Natural Sunscreen textured cream with yellow. In my opinion, the texture of this sunscreen a little bit powdery.

Base skincare products does not contain fragrance. So the fragrance of the product is the original fragrance of the ingredients. This is also what makes Base a safe skincare for teenagers. Unfortunately, there are some annoying scents. I think the scent of the toner is quite disturbing. But the smell of other products is okay, it’s okay, it doesn’t bother me.

My Thoughts

For two weeks I routinely use skincare from Base, I feel my skin condition is getting fit again. I’ve been out of focus for a long time basic skincare because I have to try this product and that. Then when I tried Base for two weeks, I really felt the product take good care of my skin. When applied, there are no Base products that make my skin dry. Instead, it feels love the calming effect to the skin. sunscreenespecially, when it is smeared it feels cool.

You can see the progress of using it for two weeks in the photo. Before using the skincare series from Base, there was a lot of redness on my nose and cheeks. Even if you look closely, there are a few small pimples there. After two weeks of routinely using skincare Base, the redness on my nose and cheeks subsided. Other than that, The acne is also gone, even the scars have faded.

I like these Base products, especially after seeing the results. I feel like this product really focuses on taking care of the skin step by step basic skincare. Basic skincare It’s really important, so you have to pay attention before starting to use it skincare another.

For those of you who want to try the skincare range from Base, you can buy the website and I have a voucher 35% discount for a minimum purchase of 100k with the code “BELL35” In addition to their website, you can also buy their products through shopee yes!

How? Interested in trying skincare from Base?


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