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Recommended Multifunctional Skincare: Rintik Face Oil

Lately I’m really confused about finding the right product can lock my facial skin moisture for a long time. Actually, I’ve come across several products that can hold moisture, but because the weather in my city is changing so my skin needs to adjust again.

I finally found a product that answered my confusion. This product can It keeps my skin moist, makes it glow, supple and actually helps protect my skin from the dangers of blue light! I’m really happy to finally know and try this product because it’s not only a solution to my confusion, but my other skin problems can also be solved (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

Are you curious about the product? Here he is Face Oil Rintik Skincare! I want to explain first about Rintik Face Oil. As you know, this face oil usually has a greasy texture, especially on oily skin. Even though oily skin still needs oil to maintain skin moisture. Any type of skin (normal, dry, oily) if allowed to dry for a certain period of time, will experience aging faster. Aging skin will usually appear wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles and will not feel plump or supple. That’s why we need to find the right face oil product for each skin type. now Face Oil Rintik Skincare alone there four variants which you can adjust according to your skin type and problem!

Rintik Face Oil

Because of my skin type normal to drySo I tried a variant that was really suitable for my skin type. I’ll try Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil and Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil. Before discussing in more detail about my experience using the two variants of Rintik Face Oil, I want to first discuss the function of Rintik Face Oil.

Rintik Face Oil has three functions, namely: Lock, Protect and Nourish

  • Lock – Because Face Oil drops are used in the last step and are emollient occlusive, they can lock in skin moisture and lock the entire skincare regimen that has been used previously to work more effectively.
  • Protect – Protects the skin from various environmental damage such as air pollution, free radicals, microbes/bacteria and blue light.
  • Nourish – Nourishes the skin and makes the skin healthier

Okay, now let’s discuss in more detail about my experience when using Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil and Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil.

Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil this one variant is suitable for those who have skin concerns dull skin (not glowing), wrinkled skin, premature aging, sagging skin and uneven skin tone. I chose this variant because anti aging is a skincare claim that I love! I’m still in my early 20s, but I really like anti-aging skincare to prevent premature aging so it doesn’t have to appear on my skin.

Packaging Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil is packaged in a glass bottle with a pipette applicator. The size of this face oil is 10 ml, it looks a little bit but because once you use it, it only takes 2-4 drops so it lasts longer! The hallmark of the Rb+ Nourish Face Oil variant is its dark green color.

I want to talk about the outer packaging box. This Rintik Face Oil Rb + Nourish Face Oil box has a beautiful design, a combination of green and white colors. The info on the box is super complete! Starting from the claim, ingredients, how to use it until the expiration date, everything is there! The box material is also thick, so it really protects the Face Oil products inside.

Ingredients Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil

As I explained earlier, the claim of Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil is that it is anti-aging, so the ingredients in it also have an anti-aging function. Let’s discuss the main ingredients one by one!

  • Rosa Moschata Seed Oil (Rosehip Oil) – This ingredient comes from rose seeds which are rich in vitamins A, omega 3, 6 and 9. Rosehip oil can slow down the aging process of cells, maintain elasticity, reduce wrinkles and moisturize the skin (NIH USA research)
  • Bakuchiol – Many of you must have known that this bakuchiol has almost the same function as retinol, but with a milder version. Bakuchiol itself has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. The benefits of bakuchiol itself can increase skin elasticity, reduce redness, inhibit melanin production and increase collagen production.
  • Soja Oil (Soya Oil) – Soya Oil or Soybean Oil is rich in omega 3, 6, linoleic acid and vitamin E. Its function is to repair the skin barrier, maintain skin moisture and hydrate the skin
  • Daucus Carota Sativa Root Extract This content is rich in vitamin A which functions as an antioxidant, it can fade fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Cananga Odorata Flower Oil – This ingredient known as “ylang-ylang” can lighten the skin naturally. In addition, it can also hydrate the skin and balance oil production, maintain skin health and heal wounds on dry skin.

Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil

Continue to the second variant, Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil. This one variant can be used by the owner dry skin, combination skin, skin with unbalanced facial oil production, large facial pores, and rough skin texture. I’m super interested in trying this variant because it claims to be able to treat clogged pores!

Packaging Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil

The packaging for Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil is not much different from the previous variant. It’s just that the color combination is white and pink.

Ingredients Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil

This product has two main ingredients, namely Jojoba Oil and Lavender Oil. We will discuss the contents one by one.

  • Jojoba Oil This ingredient is rich in vitamin E, docosanol and amino acids that function to protect the skin, retain skin moisture, restore dry skin and form collagen as a self-defense against the aging process. This content can also prevent acne caused by clogged pores because it regulates natural oil production to balance.
  • Lavender Oil The properties of this content are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant. Its function is to help reduce inflammation, kill bacteria that cause eczema and acne, accelerate the healing of skin tissue, treat scars and soothe.

Texture Rintik Face Oil

Rintik Face Oil

This Face Oil Drops Texture liquid but a bit heavy type so. When you use it, you feel the texture of the oil, so it’s not really light, like a serum, because it’s really its occlusive. From this texture, it really feels like him keep skin moisture. Even though it’s a bit heavy, he doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. For those of you who don’t really like the feel after using face oil, I have tips on how to use this Rintik Face Oil.

For color, Rintik Face Oil Rb+ Nourish Face Oil has a darker color than Rintik Face Oil Jola Silky Face Oil. Oh yes, this Rintik Face Oil product does not contain fragrance, so the aroma of the two variants is also different, because the ingredients are different.

How To Use Rintik Face Oil

I have three ways to use this face oil. First, I apply directly to the skin. So I put 3-4 drops on my hands first, then rub and rub it first and then tap it on my face. So, when you tap it, it feels really hot.

Rintik Face Oil

Second, mixed with toner. For this method I usually use it in the morning. The trick is to pour toner into the palm of the hand, then give 2-3 drops of Rintik Face Oil. If you have just tap, just tap on the face. You can also use this method when you feel the toner you are using is not moisturised.

Third, mixed with moisturizer. I always use this method when I’m in a hurry or when I’m really tired but still need skincare. I usually use a moisturizer with a gel or cream texture, then give 3 drops of Rintik Face Oil. After that, mix it in the palm of your hand, then apply it to your face. You can also use this method when you feel that the moisturizer you are using is difficult to blend.

In addition to these three methods, there are actually many ways that you can choose to apply this Rintik Face Oil. You can mix it with body lotion, make it as a makeup primer and others because of this rintik face oil safe to be combined or used in conjunction with various other makeup and skincare products.

My Thoughts About Rintik Face Oil

I’ve been using this Rintik Face Oil for a few days and I feel this super ok for lock skin moisture. Texture too it feels like oil but not greasy. He also has other benefits than just locking in skin moisture. I like <3

For more information about Rintik Skincare’s Face Oil products, you can visit website and Instagram Rintik Skincare. Now for those of you who want to try Face Oil Rintik Skincare, you can directly contact us their shopee!


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