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Recommended Moisturizing Products – bella ‘ s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – July 07, 2019

Recently, my skin was really dry. Maybe the influence of the air in Jogja which was suddenly cold at that time. Incidentally, many of my friends also complain that their skin suddenly becomes dry. Some have also asked about what product to use so that it doesn’t dry out anymore. Well here I want share The products I use when my skin is dehydrated and very dry.

Wardah White Secret Day Cream

I always use this day cream when I go out of the house. In addition to moisturizing, it also has SPF 35 PA +++ so it’s easy to use it if you want to go.

Marks Mosturizer

I tried this mosturizer produced by Kimia Farma several times while relaxing at home and didn’t have to go. Mosturizer is one of the skincare that you shouldn’t skip every day, if you want your face to be dry/normal/oily, it’s a must. Especially if you’re dehydrated, don’t forget! I read the review on FemaleDaily and also liked it a lot. One thing that bothers me is the smell. It smells the same as the powder but I think it’s more pungent 🙁 Btw, yesterday I used this when I had a pimple on my cheek, and now the pimple isn’t red anymore. It’s amazing.

Elsheskin Hydrating Mosturizer Cream

This is a moisturizing skin moisturizer in my opinion. My skin started to peel off at first, so when I use this it doesn’t peel off anymore. If I have dry skin that makes me feel tight, this is my go-to moisturizer. Love it <3

Emina Sun Protection

This Emina Sun Protection already contains SPF 30 PA+++ and I usually reapply it every 3/4 hours or after praying. Sunscreen will better protect your skin from sun exposure. So don’t forget to use and reapply sunscreen!

Viva Revitalizing Eye Cream

This Eye Cream from Viva is super moisturizing for the eye area. Because the eye is one area that is super sensitive, so it must be ensured that moisture is maintained.

Lip balm

Usually in addition to facial skin, lips are also very easy to dry. Moreover, if the weather is often uncertain, lack of fluids, surely the lips will be dry. Several times I just wanted to smile and my lips hurt 🙁 So the solution is, I use lipbalm/lip care/lip therapy products from Nivea and Vaseline. Besides these two lip balms, I also use Vaseline Protoleum Jelly! I use it every morning and night + If you want to use lipstick to keep it moist.

Emina Sugar Rush Lip Scrub

In addition to diligently using lipbalm, don’t forget to make a lip scrub. Usually I scrub my lips when my lips are already peeling off like that(?). Now, after scrubbing, all the dead skin cells on the lips are removed, then the lips feel super moist.

Body Lotion & Sunblock

In addition to moisturized facial skin, the body must also be kept moist. I use these products to moisturize my skin. I usually use the cocoa one at night, it smells really good. I usually take the sunblock with me everywhere, so when I have to go from one place to another by motorbike, I definitely use sunblock first.

Viva Waterdrop Sleeping Mask

After using mosturizer at night, I usually use this sleeping mask too. The texture is super light and makes the skin soft & moist in the morning. It really helps to moisturize the skin.


I’m one of those people whose hobbies are collecting and trying out sheet masks. Usually when I feel my skin is really dry or dehydrated, I immediately use a sheet mask. The main function of a sheet mask is actually to moisturize, but there are other functions according to the variant. So if your skin is dry, you should be diligent in using a sheet mask. Don’t use it until it’s dry, you won’t get the maximum results!

In addition to using the products above, don’t forget to drink enough water! Because actually the ones from inside will be more influential. What products do you usually use when your skin is dry/dehydrated?


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