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Rainy Week – bella’ s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – March 17, 2019

It’s been raining a lot lately in Jogja, even though the activities are busy. Usually it rains in the afternoon or evening, but sometimes it can be until the morning. Anyway, the weather in Jogja is really good for you kelon same pillow bolster blanket.

Jogja, which is usually colored by the orange or pink twilight sky, has recently turned gray. But the sunset of Jogja is still beautiful, even though it’s different.

The rain sometimes makes you shiver, because the air is cold, but apart from making you shiver, the rain in Jogja also causes traffic jams everywhere. Especially if weekend Then pass through a busy area, never mind carpool just karaoke.

Btw, last Saturday I went for a walk with my mother. Enjoying the rain & traffic jams of Jogja wkwkwk. Then I stopped by Ayam Penyet Surabaya because I really wanted the fried claws. I swear you have to try fried claws in chicken penyet surabaya, dabest.

Because Jogja’s weather is still gray, the ootd is also gray

Again, use a lot of stuff that’s not mine :))

I don’t know why, when the weather is like this, there are even more dependents. Must take care of 2 things that are very easy to lose, productivity & health. Sometimes when it’s raining, I’m lazy to study, lazy to meet, lazy to think, so I’m not productive. Then I’m so busy, sometimes I forget about my body, so I get sick. Hey.

Hmm, rainy week + full agenda =


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