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Pratista Hyalu Hydrating Toner Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – November 03, 2020

hyalu pratista

One product skincare the most important thing in my opinion is hydrating toner. As a dry skin owner, I really need adequate hydration for my skin. now hydrating toner is a toner that has a function to provide hydration to the skin. Other than that, hydrating toner also helps absorption skincare after that it is maximized.

Because hydrating toner is an important product in my opinion, I often explore various products hydrating toner from various brand. I’m so happy that I found it hydrating toner issued the same brand local! One of hydrating toner local that I have eyes from long ago is Pratista Hyalu Hydrating Toner.

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Pratista hyalu hydrating toner

Hyalu Hydrating Toner is a product of Pratista. Pratista herself is brand local who have a clinic too. There are so many Pratista products that you can adjust according to your skin condition. There is also a version trial-set so you can try it first before you buy it full size!

Ok, I want to tell you why Hyalu Hydrating Toner This is a product that I really want to try. So I know that Pratista is because of his collaboration with kak, namely Hyglow Face Mist. So after that, I followed Pratista’s development and looked at its products. One day, I saw Pratista’s post about hydrating toner this. Well, if you’re aware, actually brand locals rarely have products hydrating toner. Most of the toners are local products, right? cleansing toner just the same. That’s why I’m super interested in trying it Hyalu Hydrating Toner this. Especially packagingit’s cute and very fresh!

Pratista hyalu hydrating toner

Talking about packaging, this product is quite different from the others. Usually, the packaging for toner products is tall and has a circular bottle shape. Whereas Hyalu Hydrating Toner This pack is wide and not too tall. The contents are 100 ml and the shape of the packaging is also not like an ordinary bottle. Iconic really I think. Closing the packaging is also a model flip so it’s really good there’s no drama, the lid is gone, wkwkwk.

Pratista hyalu hydrating toner

This product contains Sodium Hyaluronate which is a form of Hyaluronic Acid. Did you know that Hyaluronic Acid is really good for the skin. Actually, our skin already has Hyaluronic Acid, but sometimes the amount is decreasing so it’s not moist anymore. Now if the skin is not moist, other skin problems will appear more easily.

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Besides Hyaluronic Acid, this product also contains Aloe Vera Extract which can moisturize the skin as well. And there is also Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract which can moisturize and soothe our skin.

Pratista hyalu hydrating toner

The texture of this product is a clear, non-sticky gel. I usually use this product in 3-4 drops. In my opinion, because it has a gel texture, it’s relatively more economical, because usually when it’s liquid, it becomes more arbitrary when you use it. Hyalu Hydrating Toner It smells almost like eucalyptus oil but sweeter. That smell calming really I think.

Hyalu Hydrating Toner It absorbs quickly, it’s a product hydrating toner Absorbs faster than any other product I’ve tried. So my advice if you use it and want to layer it with another product, just paste it in, don’t wait too long or it will dry again. But even though this product absorbs quickly, the moisture is still felt.

Pratista hyalu hydrating toner

OverallIn my opinion, this product is really worth trying. Because it’s a local product, the packaging is cute, moist, it can help the product skincare others are more pervasive afterward, and the scent is really soothing!

You can buy the product at shopee at a price of 100,000 for 100ml. You can check more detailed information about the product at pratista instagram.


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