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Pond’s Juice Collection Watermelon Gel Cream Moisturizer Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – July 16, 2020

Who likes the same gemes packaging one product, then finally buy it because it’s cute? If you are like that, then we are the same! I love the same packaging cute products, very interesting and asking for checkout ha ha. One of the products I bought because packagingwhat’s funny is this product Pond’s Juice Collection Watermelon Gel Cream Moisturizer.

This Pond’s Juice Collection is one of the newest series from Pond’s. There are three types of products, namely: facial foam, moisturizer, and sheetmask. In addition, there are three variants of each product, namely watermelon, aloe vera, and orange nectar! So there are nine products in total.

I’m interested to try moisturizerits a variant watermelon or watermelon! The reason is because he is cute and he has claim is a light moisturizer.


light moisturizer

We start from packagingyes. This product is very mini, with packaging tube pink and watermelon image. This product is also equipped with a cardboard wrapping with the same design as the product packaging. Product information is written on the cardboard, but some are also written on the box tube its products.

For the product hole, it is small so as to prevent excessive product from coming out. Actually, I think this packaging is standard, but the design is super cute.


light moisturizer ponds

This product has several claims, that is

  • oil-free gel cream moisturizer with a light formula
  • moisturizing skin
  • make pores look smooth and fresh glow
  • nourish skin



This product has ingredients very much. But actually play ingredients it is Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Fruit Extract and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E). What are the functions of these two materials?

Watermelon extract has the benefits of being able to maintain skin elasticity, protect the skin from free radicals, prevent premature aging, soothe the skin, provide a cooling effect, and this ingredient can be used by all skin types.

Then Vitamin E has the benefit of protecting the skin from the bad effects of dust, UV rays, and pollution. Vitamin E can also help the formation of collagen, maintain moisture, and skin elasticity.

In addition to these two ingredients, this product also contains Niacinamide! Who really likes Niacinamide? hihihi

Oh yeah, if you look at it from ingredientsThis product belongs to the class of moisturizers that humectant. What does it mean? Humectant meaning the product will draw water from the deeper layers of the skin to the top layer of the skin. Its function is to prevent the skin from losing water.

Texture & Scent

pond's gel moisturizer

In accordance with the name of this product ‘moisturizing gel cream’, the texture is a gel with a lovely light pink color. All I say is gemes, it’s rich haha. As for the smell, I don’t really know if it’s actually watermelon or something else. But the smell is like children’s bath soap that tastes like that. Between watermelon or melon, it smells good.


I find this product very attractive, starting from the packaging. claim, until the ads on social media. I myself saw this product for the first time at Unilever’s official store at Shopee. At that time this product was really new and it wasn’t even on Pond’s Instagram yet. I’m super curious because play ingredientsit’s really interesting, especially this watermelon. In terms of packaging design is also very cute, ask for itcheckout.

This product is moisturizer or moisturizer with a gel texture. Due to its gel texture, this product is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. But in my opinion, for a moisturizing measure this product is still not moist enough. Even compared to moisturizer humectant Another thing I have, this product is still less moisturised.

If seen from claimOn the other hand, this product can make the skin look smoother. According to me claim it’s very proven. When I use this product, my skin immediately looks smoother and smoother. I think this product can be used as a primer for daily.

This product can be used in the morning or at night. But I personally prefer to use it in the morning. I think I need the subtle effect if I want to wear makeup. So even though it’s not moisturised, I’ll tweak it to get the smooth effect but my face is still moisturised. Well, I don’t like using it at night because at night I really focus on hydrating my skin. It’s a bit of a waste to use this product at night even though it’s not so moisturised.

Oh yes I have tips for those of you who want to use this product. Previously, you used hydrating toner, essence, and serum moisturise first. If necessary, use several layers, so that it is solid. Just used this product and don’t forget to layer it with a moisturizing sunscreen in the morning.

Let’s check how claimyes, is it proven or not?

  • oil-free gel cream moisturizer with a light formula – yes! This product is super light and doesn’t irritate me at all.
  • moisturizing skin – yes, but less nampol. Must be layered with hydrating products other before.
  • make pores look smooth and fresh glowYAAA! this is the effect i like wkwk
  • nourish skin – according to me claim It’s not very visible because I feel my skin doesn’t change after using this product. Yes, it’s really just a moisturizer & primer.

Overall, this product is interesting because it is a moisturizer but can be used as a primer too. But remember, it’s still not moist enough so it needs to be layered with hydrating products other.

Rating : 3/5

Where To Buy

Shopee Mall – Unilever


Rp 24,500,-


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