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Pagtung 2016 – bella’ s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 10, 2016

It’s been 41 days from the day that has been prepared for approximately 4 months. From spirit-drop-spirit-surrender. Hahaha.

(ps: after this there will be a lot of photos)

Hello, Nin, Ne. Multichat is quiet now, isn’t it? No more chatting, no more absurd chats because you’re tired, no more captures of various kinds, no more angry and angry because of emotions, no more sad stickers crying. Congratulations, because we have been able to realize what we want together. Yes, I know for sure you are often emotional, confused, tired (+crying for anin wkwk) but still don’t give up. I know you guys are often annoyed with me because of various kinds of things, you guys are also annoying sometimes :p

Hello my Orchestra Director. Thank you for the orchestra, even though you don’t have an orchestra. Thank you for taking the time to practice twice in the same fragment as the orchestra. Even though you often make sie practice + I’m annoyed with emotions but that’s okay :))

Hello External Leaders & Event Choirs! So sad we didn’t take a photo at the stage. It’s okay, we add more multichat. Then our multichat became the busiest multichat that was on my chat list line 🙂 The contents are yes, Grandma, you don’t connect, yes, you do:))) It’s always a good thing, yeah. Cie is now quiet on multichat, lastly, I remind you of the evaluation.

Hi performers & dancers. Thank you for taking the time to practice even though you were never a full team until d-1 :))) Thank you for listening to anyone’s criticism and suggestions. Thank you for being entertained every time you watch your practice 🙂

MUSICIAN!!!! Sorry for not staying 🙁 Sorry for leaving you behind Dhefi, Fadhlan, Kebin 🙁 But you guys are still josjosjos. Cie’s kebaya is new, so it’s blue emesh emesh:3

Hi Ndis, Za, Bi! Thank you for coming and giving me the best. I’m sorry I can’t always be invited to meetup wkwk. Sorry I rarely answer in the group, I’m also sorry I didn’t give you h-1 tickets to make you hang :)) Oh yes, Ndis, sorry for the many yelling & crying in front of you which will surely make you tired of hearing & responding to it. Thank you for the spirit!! :>

Hi Vik. Thank you for always being there to be a place to lean on. Thank you for hugging me when I say “tired” or “want to cry” wkwkwk. Mwahmwah.

Thank you, Win, for helping a lot. Thank you for looking for a place to cut the sticker even though I can’t find it.

Hi Mr Sut! I’m sorry for the bad news I got to you “Ne…. Mas tris wants you”. I’m sorry I can’t always do full team training. Sorry if I chose the wrong script, seriously. Thank you for helping me think about the production even though I know thinking about the script is already dizzy. Thank you for wanting to come to practice even though you said you didn’t want to :)) Thank you for the words of encouragement. Thanks for always being there 🙂


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