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Oily Skin Face Packs | Easy Homemade Face Packs For Oily Skin

Is your skin oily? Is your skin sticky and greasy? Do you have pimples and blackheads? So this article is right for you…
Here easy home face pack for oily skin that will help you to reduce oily skin. People with oily skin must try these face packs.

Oily Skin Face Pack

People who have oily skin should take special care of the skin because the dirt and pollution accumulate in oily skin very quickly. The problems of pimples, blackheads, open pores and scars are very common for people with oily skin.

People with oily skin like us can’t stop the skin from becoming oily and greasy, but taking proper oily skincare tips and use face packs that are specifically for oily skin can prevent the skin from becoming more oily and also control excessive sebum production. 

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Oily skin face packs which you can prepare at home. Easy Oily Skin Face pack that removes oily skin problem naturally. Face packs that wonder for your oily skin.
These DIY face pack for oily skin is best. It contains multiple benefits for your skin and makes your skin healthy and oil-free.

Oily Skin Problems:

Dealing with oily skin can be very annoying. If your skin is oily, you may also have to face these problems. Which are shown in the image below.

Oily Skin Face Pack

Homemade Face Packs For Oily Skin:-

Here is the list of the best oily skin face packs which are very effective for getting rid of oily skin problems and guarantee you will love your skin.

1. Gram Flour and Turmeric Face Pack for Oily Skin:

Gram Flour and Turmeric Face Pack

Gram Flour removes excessive oil from the skin and giving you balanced skin. Curd heals your skin naturally.
This face pack helps in removing acne and pimple. If you use a combination of gram flour and turmeric, it removes facial hair easily. You can use this face pack for bleaching also.

Method: Take 1tsp of curd, add 2 tsp of gram flour, 1 pinch of turmeric powder, and 1 tsp of honey. Mix it well to make a paste. Apply uniformly on the face. Leave it 10 – 15 minutes to dry. Wash off with cold water by scrubbing in a circular motion. Do it daily or alternate day for the best result.

2. Banana Face Pack for Oily Skin:-

Banana Face Pack For Oily Skin

Ripe bananas are used to control excess oil and sebum from oily skin. Bananas can also be used to tighten and brighten the skin. Banana Face pack for dry skin is also good very effective.

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Method: Take one ripe banana and mash it thoroughly using a fork. Add 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey. Using a hand blender, mix them well to form a consistent paste and apply it to your face.

3. Tomato Face Pack for Oily Skin:-

Tomato Face Pack

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, which are very good for acne, dark spots, and oily-free skin. Tomato Face Pack is very effective for getting rid of oily skin because it contains astringent properties.

Honey contains a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin moisturized and has anti-bacterial properties that protect the skin from acne/pimples and blackheads.

Method: Mix fresh tomato juice with 3 tsp of rice flour and 1 tsp of honey. Apply it to your face. Leave it for dry, then wash your face with water.

Alternately, Just rub half a tomato (flesh side) on your skin in a circular motion for 15 minutes. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

4. Rice Flour Face Pack for Oily Skin:-

Rice Flour Pack

This face pack acts as an exfoliator that removes dead cells, dirt, and impurities from the skin.
Turmeric powder contains anti-bacterial properties.

Rice flour with honey is an effective homemade face pack for oily skin.

Method: Mix 3 tsp of rice flour, one pinch of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of honey, and cucumber juice. Make a smooth paste and apply it to your face. Leave it for dry, then wash your face with water.

5. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) Face Pack for Oily Skin:-

Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) Face Pack

Multani mitti is very helpful for those whose skin is very oily. Multani Mitti Face Pack makes your face clean and shiny by removing excess oil, dirt, and dead skin from your skin.
Rosewater maintains the pH level of the skin.

Method: In a bowl, take 1 tbsp of Fuller’s earth. Add 1 teaspoon rose water and 1 vitamin E capsule to it. Mix it and apply it to your face. Leave to dry and then wash your face with water.

6. Sandalwood Face Packs for Oily Skin:

Sandalwood Face Packs for Oily Skin

Sandalwood provides the best treatment for oily skin. It gives you clean and clear skin by control the excess secretion of oil from your skin. Sandalwood and orange juice face packs are perfect for glowing, oily, and pimple skin.

Method: Take 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder in a bowl. Add 1 pinch of turmeric and 4 tbsp of orange juice into it. Mix all the ingredients well to make a thick paste. Apply it to your face for 15 minutes and then wash it off the water. Rinse your face with water.

Do’s and Don’ts for Oily Skin:-

If you have oily skin, then you have to take care of a few things so that you can better deal with oily, problematic skin.
Let’s know do’s and don’ts for dealing with oily skin …

Don’t skip the moisturizer: Some people think that people with oily skin do not need moisturizer. Your skin also needs hydration. So your skin is of any type, don’t forget to apply moisturizer.

Do wash your face: Wash your face every morning, evening, and after exercise. Washing the face regularly can also help to reduce the oil on the skin. In oily skin, always use oil-free, pH-balanced, and gentle soap.

Don’t touch your face: Never Touch your face with unwashed hands. Always carry a hand sanitizer or wet tissue.

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