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New Product SNP Prep Cafferonic

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – November 30, 2021

Just want to change the month, how’s your November? I myself am very grateful to be able to pass this November. November this year was super busy, my schedule was really full, I almost ran out of it. Because of my busy schedule, I always make sure to start the day happily. Every time I wake up, I always feel like I need something to boost my mood. Well, finally I found a product that can boost the mood, namely SNP Prep Cafferonic.

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SNP Prep Cafferonic

SNP Prep Cafferonic this is the latest variant of the SNP Prep line. At the beginning of the launch, SNP Prep Cafferonic had two products, namely Shampoo and Treatment. Well a few days ago, there were three new products from SNP Prep Cafferonic, namely:

  • SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Wash
  • SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Lotion
  • SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Scrub

I myself really like coffee! But unfortunately for the past few years, I can no longer drink coffee. Instead, I like to use products that smell like coffee. Let’s discuss the products one by one!

SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Wash

This product contains arabica coffee bean extract, 5 types Hyaluronic Acid and 3 types Probiotics. The function of SNP Prep Cofferonic Body Wash is to clean the skin without making the skin feel dry. In addition, the formula of this product is also sulfate free, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Wash

The packaging is a brown plastic bottle with a pump. It contains a lot, 500 ml! The packaging design is also minimalist, so there are not many ornaments, so it looks pretty.

As for the clear gel texture, it is a bit runny and without scrub granules. It’s the type of soap that doesn’t have a doormat, so when you rinse it, it still feels moist. But it doesn’t leave residue like that. The smell is good, the coffee is light so it doesn’t bother you and doesn’t make you dizzy. Actually, when kissed, there is a hint of hazelnut scent.

SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Lotion

The second product is SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Lotion. This product contains Arabica Coffee Bean Extract, 5 types Hyaluronic Acid, 3 types Probiotics, Shea Butter and Ceramide. Its function is to make the skin moist and nourish the skin.

SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Lotion

Just like the Body Wash, this product is packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump. The contents are less than the body wash, namely 310 ml.

The texture of this SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Lotion a light gel cream, not sticky, not greasy but still feels moist on the skin. When applied to the skin, it is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin. Once absorbed, the skin feels more moisturized but not that shiny.

The aroma is also light, not too strong coffee scent. This SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Lotion also has a hint of hazelnut scent. Actually, for those who don’t like coffee, the scent from the SNP Prep Cafferonic series is still really good and doesn’t bother you.

SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Scrub

The last product is SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Scrub which is physical exfoliator for the body. This product contains Arabica Coffee Powder, 5 types Hyaluronic Acid and Walnut Shell Powder (Walnut Shell Powder). Its function is to exfoliate the skin without making it dry or irritated.

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SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Scrub

The packaging of SNP Prep Cafferonic Body Scrub is different from the previous two products. This product uses a brown plastic tube, the contents are 180 ml. With this tube packaging, it is more travel friendly and safe to carry.

The texture is a brown cream gel with fairly large scrub granules. Actually, I prefer the larger scrub granules because it feels more lumpy. But keep in mind that exfoliating products like this scrub can’t be used every day. Just 3 times a week! Oh, another tip, if you rub it into your body, you don’t have to put too much pressure on it, so just relax so you don’t feel sick.

This product makes my skin feel smoother. I really like using this for weekly treatment. Oh yes, the aroma itself is more coffee than the previous two products. I think this Cafferonic SNP Prep has the strongest scent, it’s really delicious!

SNP Prep Cafferonic

I think bodycare from the series SNP Prep Cafferonic this it’s really good to use, especially in the morning when you want to work. The smell is real geboost mood! There’s also nothing that makes the skin dry, in fact feeling moist. The packaging is also simple and beautiful.

More info about SNP Prep Cafferonic and other SNP products you can get at SNP instagram. For those who want to try this Cafferonic SNP Prep product, the product is already available exclusively at Tokopedia! But if you want to try other SNP products, you can visit the official SNP store at Shopee, Lazada, Sociolla and iStyle.

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