May 27, 2022 9:57 am

My version of #ImPerfectBeauty story


Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so do I. Sometimes that lack makes me become insecure and forget the many advantages that I have. Are you guys like that too? I like to feel insecure because insecurities we..

Well I just opened Instagram and saw that this month’s Elsheskin has campaign #ImPerfectBeauty. Elsheskin wants to tell everyone that it’s okay to have a deficiency, the deficiency will not make value we decline. Precisely when we have the courage to show our shortcomings, dare to fight feelings insecure us, that means we are participating to spread positive vibes to many people.

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This time I want to share insecurities about my skin condition. As a person who changes a lot skincare and try a product that is just about to launch (so you can’t look for other people’s reviews first), my skin is really fussy sometimes. Now this is rarely fussy, actually, it’s really really cute. Even so, my skin is certainly not perfect.


I have pores that are sometimes wide open, I have blackheads, I want that type whitehead or blackhead, I have fine lines under the eye area, I have textured skin especially on the chin, and my lips are also dry to the point of peeling.

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I realize that even though I’m not perfect, I still try to take care of all the parts of my body that God has given me. So I still take care of my face too, even though sometimes I’m tired, “why don’t blackheads go away” “how come it’s spotty” “why isn’t my face smooth?” etc. But here’s my version of #ImPerfectBeauty. Dare to realize and accept all circumstances including shortcomings and try to remain grateful by taking care of them.

What about your version of #ImPerfectBeauty?


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