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My Signature Make Up Look + Review Lipcream Elsheskin

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – April 24, 2020

Everyone has their own choice of how to wear make-up, some like natural, glamorous, colorful, korean looks, and many others. I think each option is interesting and there is nothing wrong with it. So you don’t have to feel like your make up is weird and different from the others, that’s your signature make up! Because #MyBeautyMyRules

This is my signature make up look! I personally like natural make-up because I feel that natural make-up is very suitable for my face and can describe my personality. The hallmark of my make-up signature is nude lipstick! I really like wearing nude lipsticks. Even though sometimes I like to be said to be really pale, why do you wear lipstick like you’re not wearing anything, but #MyBeautyMyRules so stupid people say~

The products I used for this make up look:

SILKYGIRL – Quick Fix Care Concealer

I’m not a person who likes to use foundation/cushion/bb cream because I feel it looks heavy. I prefer to just use concealer to cover eye bags, dark spots, and make it on the edge of the lips.

ELSHESKIN – Brightening Loose Powder

IOMI BEAUTY – Brow Definer Triangular Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Grey)

I bought this product when the discount was only 10,000, what if I’m not mistaken wkwk. I think this is delicious. The color suits me too.

MAYBELLINE – Hypersharp Liner

Instead of wearing mascara, I prefer to use eyeliner. I think that eyeliner makes the eyes come alive.

MAKE OVER – Single Blush On (Promiscious Peach)

ELSHESKIN – Elshe Beauty Lip Cream

This is a new product from Elsheskin! Curious about the review? Keep on reading ❤

From the products that I use, I want to share about this beauty, Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte. So this is a new product from Elsheskin. This has become my favorite because it’s so pretty! Just look at the packaging, it’s really pretty…. I have two shades, the nude one, of course, Oh My Nude! and HelloBeautiful.

For Oh My Nude! the nude color is more peach and Hello Beautiful is more pink. Both are suitable for me and my natural look. At first glance, the colors of the two products are almost the same. But when you use it, it’s different…

For a more formal look, I prefer Hello Beautiful. But if it’s for relaxing, Oh My Nude! this is so perfect. Honestly, I can’t choose which one I prefer, it’s all good hahaha. Which of these two shades do you prefer?

This product pigmented Really, one swipe is already intense in color. then not dry, even moist. Kissproof But it’s not transferproof if you drink it. It’s just because of the good pigmentation, so even though the color sticks to the glass, the color doesn’t change. When it comes to eating, the color is still visible, but it’s even better to reapply. This lip cream too light, really really favorite!

There are 3 types of Elsheskin Lip Products with different finishes and lots of colors! So it can be adjusted to your signature make up look. You can access more information via Instagram Let’s be confident with your signature make up look, because #MyBeautyMyRules ❤


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