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My Personal Life Update : SUPPPPPER TIRING WEEK

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – March 16, 2019

One week ago, I felt that 24 hours a day was not enough. The combination of so many agendas, lots of thoughts, and so many wants really made the past week super hectic. Physical & mental health is shaken, wkwk πŸ™ But Alhamdulillah, finally I can survive missed everything.

Actually sometimes I feel what to share personal life So, is it really important for people to know? Sometimes my friends ask me like “what are you doing?” “Why are you so busy, what are you busy with?” and others, but I always respond with “no papa”. So, let’s call this post as k la verification, wow.

So this is what made last week super hectic, super tired, super annoying πŸ™ heu.

My main occupation as a student is, of course, college. This semester, sadly, I get morning classes 3 times a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. But because the previous week there was an empty class, so Friday was also used as a substitute class. So a total of 4 days of morning classes.

Actually, morning classes weren’t the thing that ended up making last week hectic. But because there are many other things that finally make me come home late at night, and I don’t have enough rest, so yeah….it’s pretty hectic, isn’t it.

This actually has something to do with college. So, this semester, in every course, there are reading materials that must be read before class. Some also need to be reviewed and then collected h-1. Read dozens of sheets and not just one course.

Again, actually the task deadlines are not that torturous either. But the problem is that my deadline last week wasn’t just a college assignment deadline, but there were other deadlines, for example organization. Wow, I feel like I’m really going to die.

Oh yeah, this deadline makes me carry my laptop every day to campus which makes my shoulders really hurt because I carry a heavy bag every day :))) Luckily there are salonpas in this world.

Third, last week there were so many events. Starting from official events, organizational events, to unplanned informal events. It’s actually fun to participate in many events, but that’s the effect. Tired inside and out hehehe.

Fortunately, there is Reza who is always ready to give an injection of enthusiasm + listen to the splice after splice from Bella every day. He really knows that I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m doing what’s up, he’s always patient, he understands. Lucky me❀

Tired in the last week actually also clouded by many things that I think about, many things that enter my mind. Until finally I had the chance to share with people who have almost the same dependents as me.

One that I finally realized. It turns out that the problem in my mind is not just something that can be solved when I think about it. The problem I’m having isn’t about other people. But, a real problem is the root of everything I think about.

The difficulties they face are actually not “how to deal with A” “how to make B like this” and others, but how to always be ready to face anything, even if the situation is impossible.

“Sometimes we want to take a break, we want to stop for a while. But apparently someone invites us to talk about the problem. Yes, even though we’re not ready, we definitely have to listen, we respond, as if we’re ready to face it.”

Those words made me realize right away. Maybe I really haven’t been able to position myself to always be ready, so I always feel like I have a burden. Maybe I need to study again. Learn to be more prepared with unpreparedness. Be ready even though your body or mind is really not ready.

Yes, even though last week was super tiring, at least I can ‘understand’ many things that I never knew before. Because every incident always has a lesson, right?


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