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My Mainstay Products To Overcome Acne

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 30, 2020

During #StayHome, I imagine that my skin will be fine because it doesn’t get polluted outside. But it turns out, my skin even a few times acne. When you have acne, it is very important to know the cause of acne. For me, there are several causes, ranging from menstruation to messy sleeping hours. Now, if you know the cause, of course we have to start fixing things that can be fixed. Since getting acne, I’ve been paying more attention to my sleeping hours. I really try not to stay up late so my skin can #GoGoGlow. But apart from improving my sleep pattern, I also use the product skincare for acne.

Well, in the last two months, a week before my period, there would be pimples. Sometimes one pimple, sometimes two to three. Well, every month the type of acne is different. So the way I dealt with acne in the previous month may not necessarily be able to use it again to deal with acne this month.

powerful acne medicine

Different types of acne, of course, different ways to deal with it. Although the method I use is different to treat my two types of acne, the main character is the same, namely these two products.

Eye Pimple

Last May, I was getting pimples on my nose and under my eyes. Not just one pimple, but several. There is one big pimple that has an eye, and the rest are small pimples in several places. At first I used spot treatment from Emina, namely Ms. Pimple. But a few days still no change. Finally tried using the Acne Night Treatment at night.

acne skin care

When I apply this product to the acne-prone areas, there is a slight feeling tick tick but not that annoying. Oh yes, this product is only applied to the face with acne. The results honestly surprised me because the acne was flat and her eyes disappeared somewhere. It’s really really amazing, it can get rid of acne in one night. Whereas before, I was really confused about what to do with acne.

  1. This is a photo without the ringlight. It looks like it doesn’t have eyes, but it actually has eyes. Then the position is very strategic, so if you wear glasses sometimes you get hit :))
  2. I zoomed in on this photo to the maximum, but I can’t really see the dry pimple texture. This is after two days in a row I used the Acne Night Treatment at night
  3. After the pimple went down, I started using it regularly exfoliating toner and you can see the results, only acne scars remain

Acne Mendem / Eyeless

In this June, I really struggle to get rid of the pimples on my cheeks. The pimple can really make you focus wrong because it’s big, red, and painful. I finally tried using the Acne Night Treatment again. But it didn’t work very well, in fact there was no change at all after two days of use. On the third day, my pimples got bigger and redder. I thought he would ‘die’ and his eyes would pop out, but he didn’t. Finally I tried using Elsheskin Moisturizer For Acne Skin.

acne skin moisturizer

It turned out to be quite influential because it can soothe the acne-prone skin. After I used it regularly for three days (every morning), my acne started to shrink but didn’t go away. Because the gemes took so long to disappear, I finally tried to apply spot treatment gel from Emina and Acnes.

  1. Initial conditions. The pimple isn’t too big but the skin is already red and already sore.
  2. After using the Acne Night Treatment, the pimples got bigger and still red. In that photo I’ve used it concealer several layers but the texture is still clearly visible.
  3. After using Moisturizer For Acne Skin, the pimple is smaller (not deflated and gone), but the redness is still there. It doesn’t hurt here anymore.
  4. After using spot treatment gels, the redness is starting to fade but until now there is still a little texture.

Now from my story earlier, I want to give a conclusion about the products that I use to treat acne.

acne medication

If you have small pimples but quite a lot, in my opinion Elsheskin Moisturizer For Acne Skin this can help to solve it. Because you don’t need to bother using it spot treatment in many parts. Just use a moisturizer that does have a function to treat acne. If your pimple is big and sore, this product can also help soothe your pimple while moisturizing your skin.

Furthermore, Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment You can use it on eye acne or mature acne. Within 1-2 days, the pimple will deflate and disappear. Actually this product can also be used on the type of acne that is not eyed, because when I use it there is a feeling tick tick also on the part of the pimple that is not eyed. I myself feel that tick tick it indicates the product is working. But it may take longer to get rid of it, so it doesn’t seem as effective for eyeless acne.

Final, Spot Treatment in the form of a gel. There are so many choices of this product, some from local brands, drugstore, until Korean Brand. on my skin, spot treatment in the form of a gel is almost the same result. So I don’t really care if I’m looking spot treatment gel. Well, you can use this product to treat eyeless acne. Although, it’s not as fast as dealing with eye acne but there is progressit’s even a little bit. Well this product can also reduce pain when spotty.

Now that you’re done with your acne problem, don’t forget to keep taking care of your skin so that the acne doesn’t come back and we can focus on making our skin #GoGoGlow!

Oh yes, for the two Elsheskin products you can get through website Elsheskin or official line/wa Elsheskin (check Instagram for full info @elsheskin). And don’t forget to use the code SQUADBELLA to get 10% off 🙂


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