May 21, 2022 5:20 pm


2 days off because the red date is pretty fun because I can rest, even though I’m super bored because I’m not on vacation. In the morning, usually lazy in bed. Idly open a blog, read Ifa’s post. Then… baper. I miss the ‘gang’ in middle school, yes… the gang. Whether it’s a gang that contains six of them, like demons or a gang whose contents are diligent, skilled and trustworthy, all of them make you miss.

Missing ‘demon’ with Tania, Ifa, Runi, Yulia, Vika. How can the devil try, if during class he goes to the canteen, Mrs. Pris, if not bundo 🙁 How is it that the devil, makes the student council room as nice as his forehead to be scolded by Abi 🙁 How can it not be the devil, every time he wants to take a test instead of studying, he pumps up until he dies in Gale 🙁 Which the worst thing is that it’s bubbling up in Phucket. At first, Tania asked “let’s get up later” then come on, let’s all go. Then Tania said “I’ll pick you up”. Yes, I thought he was just picking me up, it turns out…… bring a car, terios again, where to pick up runi in Bantul x”) Then when I parked……..mblaret:’) Sorry, the car next door, it’s a devil.

I miss Sania, Runi, Salsa, Nisa, Ewik. Already in class, taking lessons together, adding together, clinics together, trying out together, edun. Miss the saniafm era on whatsapp. The one who plays the piano with sad songs, isn’t that rude. Time is over, too, ewik’s house which is many kilometers away, until tepos. When you get there, you go fishing, cook (including cleaning first), eat the fish in the pond. Where are you still adding Suharti’s chicken, anyway?

Reading Ifa’s post made me realize, people come and go. Now everyone is busy, wants to meet up with many trials and obstacles. Thank God, yesterday I met the full team of 2 gangs at the performance. Exemplary:””)

Speaking of performances, I miss the oath of hamukti palapa :’) I don’t want to repeat the process, I’m tired. But don’t miss it. When the sayonara orchestra on HT was already happy, then seeing the faces of the players-musicians-dancers-committees who were all smiling made them even more happy. Tired of being detained for months immediately disappeared, relieved, and happy. I never thought that together we could realize what is said to be the greatest. :). .

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