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Makeup Essentials Indian Bollywood and Television Celebrities use -1

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This post is on the luxurious end ,since these products are some of the Must haves stated by Indian Television and Bollywood actresses.i have listed out their  makeup products for face  used by them on daily basis.


Foundation is the basic of makeup.Foundation is used  for everyday makeup and party make up.I researched makeup routine of most of Indian Bollywood  like Jacqueline Fenandez …and television celebrity and Most common foundation used by them is MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation/Nars.

MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation

  • Luxurious product very good when doing makeup for party /Bridal makeup.
  • Its oil controlling,photo friendly
  • It looks true to the skin color and after applying it doesn’t seem like cake
  • it provides SPF 15
  • it blends well in to skin and water,sweat resistant.
  • But only  drawback is bit heavy for daily use ,Its fine for the celebrity but not for commoner.

Link to buy :

Nars All Day Luminous.

Another common favorite Brand is Nars. Nars all day luminous provides:

  • Light weight foundation and gives full coverage,Good natural finish
  • Ideal for all skin types and absorbs quickly blends easily
  • this foundation is formulated without oil or Alcohol or Fragrance
  • Good packaging ,comes with square bottled glass with pump.

2. Concealer:

Concealer are your best friend if you have any spots,redness or pimple marks and even dark circles.You can easily hide all the imperfections on your skin with these magic concealers. Celebrities have hectic shoots they have this always in their bag.Common concealers used by them

Nars Radiant Creamy concealer:

This is a liquid concealer  perfect for someone with hyper pigmentation etc.,

  • Formulated with Magnolia Bark Extract,Vitamin E and grape seed Extract
  • Comes in tube packaging  with perfect size to keep in your clutch,It  has a wand which is easy to apply
  • This concealer has 16 variety of shades
  • Not just as a concealer you can also use it for Highlighting and Contouring.
  • Lightweight creamy consistency just use a tiny bit and dab it on to your skin you ll get perfect look.

Chanel Le Blanc Light creator whitening concealer:

  • enriched with high UV Protection sp 40 PA++
  • Overall complexion radiance is increased by 51 %,tested by  panel of 30 Asian womwn for 8hrs.
  • Expensive but provides good coverage and hides all imperfections
  • Formulated with liquorice extracts and pearl extracts which help in brightening and whitening of skin
  • Comes in 2 shades  10 Beige Clair and 20 Beige Ivorie.

3.Compact powder :

These are mainly used for setting makeup

Mac Studio fix Compact:

Favorite go to product for most celebrities.

  • This is a 2 in 1 product,if you don’t need heavy makeup then you can skip the liquid foundation and use the studio fix.
  • Heavy coverage will be provided
  • Will last for at least 8 months if used heavily
  • Blends well into the skin and gives a flawless natural look when used with shade that matches skin.
  • But a slight drawback is dries up a bit,good for oily skin people,but a little hydration/moisturisation required for people with dry skin and use this without liquid foundation

Dior Nude Air powder compact

Link to Buy Other Shades:

  • Super light weight ,comes in 3 different shades Ivory,Light beige and Medium Beige
  • Packaging is very luxurious,It also includes small kabuki brush
  • Lasts all day and gives matte finish,very good for dry skin
  • Best for touch-ups,little goes a long way.

I  have written only products used for face ,will write a separate post for the products used for Eyes,Lips etc..,These are luxurious products which are expensive for normal people dont worry I will be writing affordable makeup range products too.

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