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Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Liquide 404 Review – Magnetic

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – July 24, 2019

Anyone who doesn’t know the Madame Gie brand? Madam Gie is a makeup brand from Gisella Anastasia. From the beginning, this brand has attracted the attention of many people because the price is really cheap for the size of an artist brand.

At first I wanted to try the liptint because it was recommended by a friend, he said it was good. But in some cosmetic shops in Jogja, there is always only one color left, namely purple. Even though I want the red one. Then try to check the official shop at shopee, it’s also empty. I guess the lipstick is a best seller, right? Finally tried the lip cream.

This lip cream from Madame Gie is called Magnifique Lip Liquide. There are 2 types, the classic and the nude series. Yanh classic has 3 colors for the packaging cover, silver, purple, and brown like mine. For the nude series, the lid is pink…


This product’s packaging is similar to Wardah’s lip cream. Rich clear glass with brand logos and product names. The difference is in the color of the lid of the packaging. I think the color selection from the packaging is a bit lacking, because the impression doesn’t look fresh.

The applicator is standard, just like other lip cream products. But the applicator is really rich and can’t take that much product. I don’t know if it’s because of the applicator or if it’s the product formula that makes you rich, you have to take the product several times.

Shades & Swatches

The shade I bought is 404 – Magnetic. When it was time to choose a color, all that was available was this color and the red and pink color that was available. I myself just found out that there is a nude series, so I’m not looking for a nude series :))))

Shade 404 – Magnetic is a slightly pale pink nude color. I’ve tried to make the color in the swatch photo the same as the original color, more or less like that. But I don’t know why, when you apply it to your lips, the color is a bit different. The real difference is that it’s a pale pink nude. Even though if you swatch it on your hand, the color isn’t that pale…


You have to try to smell the fragrance…. It’s really good!!! It smells like vanilla cocoa, so sweet. Feel like eating 🙁

Formula and Resistance

This product is super sticky in my opinion. So if you use it, it can’t be put on your lips. In addition, unlike the usual lip creams which dry quickly, this product takes a long time to dry and sets on the lips. So just imagine when you use this product, it feels sticky + takes a long time to dry 🙁

After setting, I was a bit surprised because it felt really light like I wasn’t using lip cream. Transfer proof too. Huhuhu cool. But this only applies if you use it alone, yes, if you use ombre with other lip creams (I use Wardah), the results won’t be as good as if you use it alone. So you can’t blend the colors like that. Even though the 404-Magnetic is really good for an ombre base 🙁

As for the resistance itself, it’s also good, if not for oily food, the color will still hold up, but it’s not something that stays in place. So there’s still something missing but not all of it so there’s still color. I’ve used it while fasting too and it lasts from morning to evening.

The problem is, this lip cream makes lip lines look clearer and makes my lip skin peel. So if you have dry lips, you have to really use a moist lip balm before you can use this product.

Packaging : 3/5 because the color selection is not attractive

Shades & Swatches : 3.5/5 the color is good but it’s different when you swipe it on your hand and your lips

Scent : 5/5 SO GOOD!!!

Formula & Resilience : 2/5 makes it dry and flaky, lip lines look clearer, ombre doesn’t blend, but the staying power is ok and transferproof!

Oh yes, I bought this product for 20 thousand if I’m not mistaken. You can buy it at cosmetic stores (if in Jogja, as far as I know, it’s at Mutiara, Puspa Indah, Petra Acc), the official website and the official store at Shopee.

So are you interested in trying it or not?


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