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Long Lasting Summer Makeup Tips

During summer, avoid using a heavy foundation. It won’t be easy for you to maintain it. Use a light-weight Foundation. Choose always the liquid foundation. Liquid foundations hold up much better under the heat.

-: 6th Step Use  Concealer:-(Optional):

If you want to use concealer, then use only small amounts concealer. Only those areas where you need it, such as discolored spots or blemishes only.

-: 7th Step Use  Compact Powder:-

Use Compact Powder, Summer Makeup tips

Use Compact Powder

Compact Powder is a hero product for summers. If you want your skin to be safe from oil-free and sun, please use compact powder.

Always put a compact powder in your bag, because it is great for a quick touch-up.

-: 8th Step Eye Makeup:-

Eye Makeup in summer, Summer makeup tips
Eye Makeup
Eye make-up plays an important role in enhancing our beauty. Always use waterproof eye makeup on the eyes. Before applying eye shadow, choose a smooth primer instead of cream on your eyelids. It helps in maintaining eye shadow, which keeps it for a long time. During the summer, less eye shadow should be used. Always use for a light layer of cream-based shade. The creamy based eye shadow keeps better than the varieties of powder.

-: 9th Step Lip Color:-

 Use Lipstick, Summer Makeup tips
 Use Lipstick

Bold colored Lipstick does not look very good in the summer months because they can look heavy. Options for soft nude colors that mimic the color of your natural lip.

Carry bloating sheets and tissues in the summer: The biggest problem during summer is oil and greasy skin. Especially when you have to go out in the sun. So always carry bloating sheets. If you do not have a blotting sheet, you can replace it with a tissue paper.

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