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Lip Glace BrunBrun Review : Bare Sparkle & Pink Tulle

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 23, 2019

After Miniso colonized women’s wallets, now there is a rival, BRUNBRUN Paris. It’s getting more and more colonized, isn’t it 🙂 The items sold are more or less the same as in Miniso and they have makeup+skincare as well. When it comes to makeup, the price between miniso and brunbrun is almost the same but relatively cheaper in brunbrun, isn’t it? For skincare, in Brunbrun there is a mini size version like mask, scrub, mosturizer, there is a full size version and a mini size version, so if you want to try it, you can buy the mini size or sample size first. It’s more practical.

Back to the makeup products from Brunbrun, one of which is Lip Glace! This lip gloss is like a lip gloss, so it can be used directly in only 1 layer or it can be used as a second layer after applying lipstick. I bought 2 shades, one is nude brown, the other is pink. The nude brown shade is called Bare Sparkle and the pink one is called Pink Tulle.

So this Lip Glace costs 29,900 and contains 5.5 ml. Isn’t that great?! Oh yes, on the packaging of this Lip Glace it says limited edition, it seems that the limited edition packaging is not the product because when I bought it, I tried the tester, then the packaging of the tester and the product being sold is different. So, Ms. Ma’am said, “This is the new packaging, Sis”.

From the packaging, it looks like it has a layer of clear glass and then there’s a layer inside that contains the product. All information is on the product packaging, so you don’t have to be afraid when you open the outer plastic because there is no information attached to the plastic. The shade name is on the top of the cap, while the expiration date information is on the back of the product.

In my opinion, in terms of packaging, this doesn’t look like it if it’s only 30k! It really doesn’t look cheap. Coupled with the product content that contains glitter, it makes Lip Glace even more beautiful when you look at it. Come on.

The applicator itself is okay. It’s not difficult to apply the contents of the product. The applicator that is attached to this product closes when you put it in and wants to close it, it’s like you have to sign it, you can’t just rotate it. Do you understand? So rich must be played while signed. Then when the product is completely closed, there is a sound like a ‘click’.

Oh yeah, before going into swatches, you should know that this Lip Glace smells like no medicine! It’s like the sweet, sweet smell of chewing gum, it’s really good.

Here are the swatches! The top one is Bare Sparkle and the bottom one is Pink Tulle. It looks like it’s super glossy and the texture is a bit sticky but it’s not really sticky so that’s okay. But when you use it, your lips feel really thick, even if you only use this Lip Glace without the previous lipstick.

The pigmentation for a Lip Glace or Lip Gloss is really there. He can cover up the lip color without any base before, although it’s still not as rich when using Lip Cream. I personally prefer to use this Lip Glace alone because the color is really beautiful.

I use Bare Sparkle
I’m wearing pink tulle

For durability, for eating it will definitely disappear. So you don’t have to expect too much from this product when it comes to durability. Plus it’s quite sticky so it will stick everywhere if it hits something.

To remove this lip gloss, you just need to use micellar water, you don’t need to use a remover that has oil in it because it’s really easy to remove.

Overall, I think this is a product you can really try. With its cheap price and super pretty colors (especially the Bare Sparkle!), you won’t be disappointed with this product. But if you are someone who prioritizes pigmentation, I don’t think so because you can’t use it for long. For me, pigmentation is number one because my child doesn’t find it difficult to touch up. So please adjust it according to your heart condition, habits, and mood.

Rating : 3.5/5

Oh yeah, I have some other BrunBrun products. There are cream blushes and masks that I will review and post here soon! Have you ever tried Burn Burn or not? So what do you think?


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