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LBP Face Cleansing Gel Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – January 05, 2021

You already know that now Love Beauty and Planet or LBP is releasing Suite face care also that is face cleanser, face scrub, and sheetmask. Well I’ve tried the series face care them and today I will review one of the variants of face cleansing gel Love Beauty and Planet.

face cleansing gel LBP There are two variants namely coconut water & mimosa flower and tea tree oil & vetiver. The coconut oil variant has a claim for refresh & hydrate. While the tea tree claim variant is invigorate & purify. What I’ve been trying for quite a while is face cleansing gel LBP coconut water & mimosa flower variant!

LBP face cleansing gel

face cleansing gel LBP Packed in a bottle with a pump applicator. Oh yes, the packaging for this LBP product is made from recycled materials lol! So very environmentally friendly. Even if the product is finished, LBP provides several drop boxes to accommodate your used bottles. Even though packaging face cleansing gel Isn’t this LBP travel friendly, but i like it because of the size handy and there is a pump that makes it easy for me to dispense the product.

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This product contains 190 ml. On the back of the packaging there is product information including ingredients and how to use it.

ingredients LBP face cleansing gel

Product face cleansing gel LBP this vegan and cruelty free. Don’t worry, this product is also BPOM. Now this variant, the main ingredient is coconut oil. Coconut oil has a function to moisturize the skin. In addition, coconut oil also has a function as an antioxidant that can protect the skin.

The aroma of this product is the same as other LBP products with coconut oil variants. I want to try a series starting from body care, hair care, and face care LBP with the same variant hihi.

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Oh yes, some time ago, I participated in an event held by LBP and Female Daily. Well, it’s explained there that the ingredients used by LBP have been confirmed sustainability his. So no need to worry anymore.

LBP face cleansing gel

As the name implies, the texture of this product is gel clear. Usually at one time, I use one pump. face cleansing gel LBP This does not cause a lot of foam, you could even say it’s minimal. This makes the use of this product a bit wasteful.

Oh yes, how to use it by pouring the gel into your hands, then giving a little water and rubbing it first on your hands until it foams a little like this. Just apply to the face.

LBP face cleansing gel

Because the foam produced by this product is small and coupled with the presence of coconut oil, it makes this product feel moisturizing. Finish after washing your face with face cleansing gel LBP It’s not slippery, but it’s not mat either. Feels moist and smooth when held. As for the cleaning ability, I think it’s also good because there’s no residue afterward.

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LBP face cleansing gel

Overall, I like this product because it cleans my face well, doesn’t dry out, and smells good. Campaignit’s also interesting sustainable beauty. So, are you interested in trying the product? face cleansing gel LBP this?


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