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LBP Clean Oceans Edition Body Wash Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – August 11, 2020

Hello how are you all? What are you busy with? If I’m doing KKN now on line hihi. Can you imagine what KKN is like? on line? Whenever I tell you #CeritaKampus oh yeah! ️

Early time self-quarantine, I shop a lot on line because there are so many discounts. Well, one of the brands I bought was Love Beauty and Planet or commonly called LBP. They issued a new edition, namely Clean Oceans. Because at that time bathing was one of the entertainments for me who was bored, so I bought it body washhis!

The first time I saw this new LBP product, I was immediately attracted by the packaging design that uses a sea background. It’s so fresh, haha. Like other LBP products, this product is also ‘environmentally friendly’. Oh yes, there is something special about this product that made me surprised and amazed when I found out. The packaging bottle for this LBP Clean Oceans Edition product is actually made from recycled plastic waste in the ocean. Wow!

Campaignit’s very interesting! Because indirectly we help reduce plastic waste in the area around the sea. In addition, LBP packaging can also be recycled, you know! Eits, not only that it turns out. This LBP Clean Oceans also has campaign growing coral in the sea. You can find out more at LBP website.


Like I said earlier, I bought this product because packaginghis! With a marine design coupled with a fresh blue color, it makes me feel this product will be really refreshing. The bottle packaging is the same as the other LBP packaging. The lid flips so you just need to press it to open the lid and release the product.


Like other LBP products, this product also contains coconut oil. Coconut oil can make the skin moist and soft. In addition, this product also contains sea salt. Sea salt is rich with natural mineral content and can keep the skin healthy. In addition, sea salt can also keep the skin hydrated and relieve the effects of problematic skin.

Textures & Scents

The texture of this product is clear gel. For the fragrance, a blend of lime and mint leaves. Anyway, the smell is really fresh in my opinion, different from other LBP variants. Usually, LBP smells sweet. People say that this product smells more masculine, but it can still be used by women. Even though it smells like this, it’s my favorite scent😂

My Thoughts

What I like about this product is the fragrance and campaignyes! If you are the type who likes fresh fragrances, you must try it body wash this. The resulting foam is not too much. I think for one use also requires quite a lot of product.

Oya, body wash This is the type that moisturizes and makes the skin feel smooth. It looks like the soap isn’t clean yet, but actually it’s already clean and does leave a slippery and moist impression on the body.

Overall, this product is interesting to try because it is quite different from other variants of LBP. Are you guys interested?


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