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Lacoco Daily UV Counter Sunscreen Review SPF 50 PA++

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – July 18, 2021

Sunscreen is one of the skincare products that you must use every day, really every day! So important, a serum with a variety of active ingredients it will not work optimally if you are not diligent in using sunscreen. I understand that it is not easy to find a sunscreen that is suitable and comfortable for our skin. This time I want to review a sunscreen from Lacoco, namely Daily UV Counter SPF 50 PA++. This sunscreen is one of my favourites! But there are drawbacks too. Nosy? Read to the end ok…

Lacoco sunscreen

This Lacoco sunscreen has a fairly high SPF, which is SPF 50 with PA++. Because it has a high SPF, this sunscreen is really suitable for activities outdoor. Lacoco Daily UV Counter SPF 50 PA++ is a sunscreen with a type of hybrid. So he has physical ingredients and chemical sunscreen. I myself am more comfortable using hybrid sunscreen, so this lacoco sunscreen suits my preference.

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Lacoco sunscreen is packaged in packs tube small and travel friendly. The contents are very minimalist, just 20 ml. This is one of the drawbacks, because sunscreen is used often and not a little. In the end, this product ran out fast.

Lacoco sunscreen

This Lacoco sunscreen is a bit off, yes, it’s yellow with a combination of black caps. The cap is screwed, and the hole for the product to come out is not too big. The problem is that the size is really mini and this isn’t it travel size wow. So I think this is really suitable for carrying around, for example, for reapplying or if you want traveling.

Btw, if you look at the photos, the product looks a bit big. although this is really really mini! In my opinion, for the price above 100k, this is pricey It’s because it’s only 20 ml.


Lacoco sunscreen

Like I said at the beginning, this sunscreen is hybrid sunscreen. Why can I say hybrid? Because this product contains Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate and Octocrylene which are ingredients of chemical sunscreen. In addition there is also Titanium Dioxide which is the content of physical sunscreen.

This Lacoco sunscreen also contains Niacinamide and Squalane. Niacinamide can moisturize, strengthen the skin barrier while brightening the skin. Squalane contains antioxidants that are effective in protecting the skin from sun exposure. So UV Filter + Niacinamide + Squalane = great xixixi.

Texture and Scents

The texture of sunscreen is one of the most important things to pay attention to, because it affects our comfort in using the product all day. Well, this Lacoco Daily UV Counter Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++ has the texture super tasty and light!

Lacoco sunscreen

So the texture of this lacoco sunscreen is creamy but not thick, so it’s super easy when you spread it on your face. Then also on his face he feels light, no greasy at all. This Lacoco Daily UV Counter doesn’t cause any whitecast, it’s not sticky, and I’ve never experienced this while using it pilling. The texture is champion, I love it! <3

As for the smell, it smells a little bit fragrant, but it’s so faint, it’s almost impossible to smell it. There is no annoying fragrance. Also, it doesn’t sting when applied to sensitive parts of the face.

My Thoughts

I looooove this product! I really like it. The formula is really good, to be honest. The formula is delicious, the protection is high, then it doesn’t give me any negative effects. The finish after using this lacoco sunscreen actually looks a bit oily. But I think it’s natural because almost all sunscreens have that effect on me.

Lacoco sunscreen

Actually, if you don’t like the glossy finish like oil, you just have to overwrite it loose powder just. When I use sunscreen, I always overwrite it again loose powder. But usually I just let it sit for a few minutes.

So far, this sunscreen is really good but pricey Hu Hu. If you’re still looking sunscreen with a super comfortable formula, you can try this Lacoco sunscreen!


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