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Kefir Lovely Kefir Nature Mask Review: Effective For Acne

Early time quarantine, I saw some of my mutuals on Instagram wearing a kefir mask. Now, I’m curious, how do I find out what is the difference between kefir masks and regular organic masks? Then I finally found out that kefir masks are masks made from fermented goat’s milk. Well, the best thing is Etawa goat’s milk.

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Finally, at the end of last January, I tried using a kefir mask, finally I felt like wearing a mask made from Etawa goat’s milk after being tired for almost a year haha. Well, the kefir mask I’m using is from Lovely Kefir Nature. They have 12 variants of kefir sachet masks.

lovely kefir mask review

Are you confused about which one to choose? Ha ha ha. Don’t worry, I’ll explain each variant one by one and what kind of skin problem it affects the most. Oh yes, this Lovely Kefir Nature turns out to have its own Etawa goat farm. So they actually made these masks themselves, which is cool.

Every time I try a mask like this, what I’m always asked is “Have you had BPOM yet?”. Now, this Lovely Kefir Nature kefir mask is already BPOM, so it’s safe!

lovely kefir mask review

This Lovely Kefir Nature kefir mask is packaged in packs sachet which has a different color in each variant. Make sure you read the name of the variant in the lower right corner so you don’t use the wrong mask variant.

kefir mask review

The texture of these 12 variants of kefir masks is relatively the same, creamy like butter. There are several variants that contain details scrub. In my opinion, it smells like cheese. Every variant is there hint It smells different, but the base smells like cheese.

The recommendation to use this kefir mask is actually used twice a day, morning and night. I followed the instructions for using it. But there are a few days that are too late so I only use it in the morning or evening. Let’s talk about one by one…

Turmeric Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

This is the first variant I tried. Why did I try this variant the first time? Because it’s very interesting ingredientshis that is turmeric! This variant is also suitable for all skin types, especially acne prone. The claim of this variant is to treat oily skin, treat inflamed acne, remove wrinkles, overcome pigmentation, and remove dead skin cells.

Just right when I first tried this kefir mask from Lovely Kefir Nature, I still had inflamed acne. The pimple is in the cheek area, the cause is glasses. Sometime I will discuss in a separate post about this spectacle acne.

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Green Tea Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

The second variant I tried was Greentea Kefir! This variant can also be used for all skin types, especially acne prone. Again, because I’m still acne prone, that’s why I used the variant that claims to be acne at first.

This variant of kefir mask claims to reduce and prevent acne, anti-inflammatory, maintain skin pH balance, reduce oily skin, anti-bacterial, treat blackheads, and even out skin tone.

I really like this variant because after using it, redness in acne is reduced. Anyway, my acne is so calm.


lovely kefir nature review

I used to use the spirulina mask first and it turned out to be perfect for me. So I really wanted to try this variant. This variant is good for normal skin owners and acne prone.

This variant claims to be able to remove panda eyes, smooth the skin, prevent black spots, reduce fine wrinkles, shrink pores, and prevent acne. Okay, isn’t that a claim? But I don’t really like this variant.

Original Colostrum

lovely kefir nature review

After I tried the three previous kefir mask variants, someone told me on Instagram DMs that the original variant was the best. Immediately, that day I tried the original colostrum variant. This variant can be used by all skin types.

This variant claims to be a natural antioxidant, contains natural AHA BHA, tightens skin, reduces black spots, balances skin pH, deep cleansing, I really feel that it really cleans my face. Then the BHA is also strong, my acne is so flat.

Black Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

This black kefir or charcoal variant is one of the variants of Lovely Kefir Nature’s kefir mask that makes me cringe. I don’t know why the charcoal content in the mask is really interesting in my opinion. Well this variant is suitable for acne prone and oily skin.

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It claims to be able to absorb excess oil, shrink pores, regenerate dead skin cells, protect skin from acne and fungus, and more effectively treat acne, blackheads, and eczema.

In my opinion this variant does not meet my expectations. The performance is okay, but it’s just not as good as I imagined.

Coffee Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

The next variant is coffee kefir. This variant is interesting because it contains scrub granules. Well, it smells like a mixture of cheese and coffee. This variant is suitable for normal skin owners.

It claims to be effective against blackheads, shrink and slow the growth of acne, fade black spots or acne scars, stimulate collagen production, fight free radicals caused by pollution, and absorb excess oil.

I feel that it exfoliates well, I really feel that my face is smoother and softer after using this variant.

Strawberry Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

This variant is suitable for skin owners normal to dry, which is my skin lol. Now this variant has a claim to brighten, moisturize the face, reduce excess oil, eliminate panda eyes, maintain skin elasticity, and slow down aging.

What I feel, this variant really gives moisture and makes the skin a little brighter.

Aloe Vera Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

Next I tried the aloevera variant. Well, aloe vera does have benefits for moisturizing and giving effect soothing. I really feel that he really has an effect soothing to the face. Then after using it, it feels really moisturised!

Jicama Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

Now, when I tried this variant, my acne was already deflated, so all I had to do was fix the scars. This variant is suitable for skin owners normal to dry. It claims to brighten, regenerate dead skin cells, disguise and remove acne scars, spots, and dark spots, and make skin cleaner and brighter naturally.

I feel my acne scars are fading after using this variant of kefir mask.

Mangosteen Skin Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

This variant has a grain texture scrubhis. I think it works as an exfoliator. Now this variant is suitable for owners of normal acne-prone skin. Even if there are details scrubher, but no harsh how come.

It claims to make the skin smooth and supple, disguises and removes black spots and acne scars, anti aging and slows the growth of acne.

Chocolate Kefir

lovely kefir nature review

This variant is really cute, because the color is similar to the skin color, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a mask, hihi. Well this chocolate variant is suitable for skin dry or normal. The claim itself can contain antioxidants, nourish facial skin, brighten, moisturize and make the face supple.

Kefir Dragon Fruit

lovely kefir nature review

The last variant I tried was dragon fruit. This variant claims to lighten and treat dark spots. Well, that’s right, I still have acne scars right. It turns out that this variant really helps you to fade acne scars.


lovely kefir nature review

Using kefir masks from Lovely Kefir Nature on a regular basis can actually make my acne disappear and the scars will fade. I think this mask is really suitable for those of you who have dry skin because it gives super moisture to the skin. I can skip moisturizer every time i use this mask hihi.

Well, there are four favorite variants, namely original, greentea, coffee, and dragon fruit. The four variants are very visible results in 2 times of use. But actually, it’s still better if you combine several variants and use them regularly. No need to worry because Lovely Kefir Nature provides a package that is suitable for your skin conditions and problems. Check Instagram Lovely Kefir Nature make more information.

The first experience using a kefir mask was fun. Have you ever used a kefir mask before?


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