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Its Ramadan 1436H – bella’ s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – February 16, 2016

Ramadhan 1436 H yesterday felt very memorable. There are many things that I can’t stop being grateful for. Even though the fasting debt is more than a week, it’s okay. Yesterday’s Ramadan was rich, usually there were taraweh, social services, takbiran.

Let’s talk about the social service first………

At the beginning of the fast, I was immediately invited to a meeting with Esa. Yes, the agenda is still unclear, but there is a committee formed. The chairman is Arvin and then I refuse all positions, that’s the story. After that, it’s okay to become secretary 2. It’s not that hard, h- the social service. But at that time it was chaotic because there was an internal problem in the committee and I was like taking care of one person who had a problem until finally he wanted to keep him on the committee. H-1 money is still not enough, a lot. At that time, I was having a theater event until late at night and I was contacted by others saying that I was panicking and confused. When I finished, I went straight to the RW hall and went straight to Robbi asking how the logistics were, then he immediately asked how the money was, then he immediately gave the donor and then Arvin waited for him to ask and help him until finally…closed!!!:””) Even though that’s us I had plans for singing and other things but in the end it didn’t happen 🙂


The first time takbiran unites the camps:””) Even though it’s a bit hurt and yes, it’s CRAZY VERY COOL. At first the meeting determined the management, then I was Faza Robbi Handis in the Pagerta Pagerna movement. Then there is a new committee that joins………….. I don’t know who. Then the meeting of the four of us has no idea, we still want to have a meeting to discuss the movement of the ends…..curcol -_- Then there is also friction in ‘us’ which makes it a bit awkward but can be solved. And then there was a meeting when I was really frustrated because at that time I was really taking care of the theater which had to make a song that was a collaboration between a band and a gamelan, didn’t it die? When you get it at takbiran, it’s a move that you have to make too, great. When you make a movement, sometimes you just rummage in a book and then find it, because of the takbiran of the previous year and then finally you find the movement. Movement meetings can last until late at night and don’t feel good, but sometimes there are no results, just venting :))) Then when you practice, it’s hard to line up the kids and ask for forgiveness. The voice is hoarse to practice. Then after the song practice, the four of us would discuss the movements until the evening. Once during a meeting, suddenly I was given a birthday gift in a wrapper, so it was so beautiful that I was too lazy to open it. Then it’s filled with rukuh which says “in installments for marriage dowry” :))))) Then you know the cute but naughty kids. The girls like Robbi, then Obi is like a pedophile surrounded by kids. Then there was a girl named Lala who when she saw Handis was embarrassed, lol. Then I didn’t do it, I pretended to call, eh, I brought Handis, I’m sorry :))) Since then, he likes to bring candy/food for practice to Handis……. with me. He brought two. I don’t know why I was also given it :)) Then if he doesn’t go to practice, I and Handis are confused, no one gives food :)) Then the guy, Allah is the naughty one. After a long practice, they seemed to be getting closer to me, Faza Robbi Handis. Like to talk like that. There’s a guy who talks about one of the girls in the line, until he cries :))) I don’t know, it just feels like I’m happy to be able to be so close to the kids that when I remember I want to cry 🙁 Then at that time, after the social service at night, we practiced, at defend yourself from practicing, even though I’m really tired after the social service, where am I going to PMS. Then it’s like someone’s making you sick, it’s like making fun of it, then I feel like I’m just sitting in the corner and I’m not going to train. When I was asked by others, I just kept silent like a depressed person. So sad It’s like that, I’m the only one who has other business, isn’t it here. Then I’m so tired I feel like I’m behind the line and approached Ms. Niza. I meant to say “Ma’am, I’m tired” but I just said “Ma’am…” I fell down and started crying :)) ) Ms. Niza, who didn’t know what it was, was immediately shocked and the others also surrounded her. Then it’s like I can’t stop like that, the body and mind are really tired, where is PMS. Then the kids came home, I stopped quite a bit, then someone came to solve the problem that made me cry, but Robbi Handis didn’t let me talk there because he was afraid he would cry again. Then yes, I said goodbye to go home first and then arrived home CRYING LG DONG :)) Weak indeed :))) Then in the morning it was nice to meet the kids again. Ealah the bell, kid :)) Then there was when it was time for theater practice, then it was already h-1 week, what’s the takbiran? So wake up at dawn, then at dawn, then take a shower, then practice takbiran in the morning, then go straight to theater practice until the afternoon, then break your fast and then continue taraweh practice takbiran, not to mention if there is a meeting to discuss movements. It’s crumbling :)))) It’s been a long time… what’s clear is that yesterday’s takbiran process was really crazy. Then on the day of, waiting for the buber boys where it was just the two of them and the virgin. Then the virgin went to take care of the takbiran around. Yes alone. How many children can you take care of 🙂 Then there are those who love to eat, deva. Because I really fell in love at first sight with deva wkwkwk I finally offered him to eat meatballs outside, both HAHA. Then when the competition started, I made a video in front of it. Seeing the line up was like a surprise. How can this be so cool, the movement is straight and the line is straight and then nothing is wrong. I was surprised by my own results. I want to cry in front of it but it’s crazy po. Then the kids screamed until their voices ran out, if you’re not an ordinary child, you won’t know the taste 🙂 What’s clear is that I was really surprised by what they gave me that day. Even though they like to annoy, keep joking, teach them how to do it, vent until they cry:))), they are annoying but they can give me something that really makes me proud and makes me happy to be a part of the movement 🙂 Then when the winners were announced, the category of team cohesiveness, I really hope at least 3rd place winner is mentioned, 2nd place winner is mentioned I’ve given up. I just said to the robbi “It’s okay Rob, it’s okay” eh when I won 1st place AMM KAUMAN DONG! Immediately happy not lying. It’s not been in vain all this time :”’) Happy to be holding the 1st place trophy :’)

It’s been so long. What is clear, Ramadan 1436H has given me extraordinary impressions and memories 🙂


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