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How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Want to remove pubic hair at home without any pain? If yes…then read this full article to know How to remove pubic hair permanently at home

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Pubic hair is a little problematic to some people, but it is important to Remove Pubic Hair from time to time. If you use chemical cream to remove pubic hair, you may have allergies and irritation. The use of home remedies is the best option to avoid this problem as it is completely safe and easy to use.

Here, we will tell you how to remove pubic hair at home with easy tips and remedies without pain. With the help of these home remedies, it will be no risk of harm, when cutting this soft and sensitive area. So let’s know How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain.

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Home Remedies To Remove Pubic Hair

These ingredients are completely natural, so it may take some time to get desired results. If you continue to use it, it can prove to be very helpful in removing pubic hair.

1. Sugar for Remove Pubic Hair: 

Sugar for Remove Pubic Hair

Sugar helps cleanse the hair of the pubic area. 

Method: In a bowl mix half cup lemon juice with one cup sugar, half cup water. Bring that to a boil the mixture in a pan for 5 to 7 minutes. When it becomes a light honey color, remove it from the stove. Now let it cool for a few minutes. It should be a little bit thicker than honey. Apply it in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Put your fabric strip over it and press it down for a couple of seconds and then rip off the hair in the direction of your hair growth. 

2. Lemon And Sugar for Remove Pubic Hair:

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Lemon juice contains ingredients that act as a natural bleach.

Method: Take two teaspoons of sugar, two teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of turmeric, and about 10 teaspoons of water in a bowl. Mix and apply it on the skin of the pubic area and scrub with light hands. After 15-20 minutes, clean it with the help of water. You can use it three times a week. By doing this rapidly pubic hair is reduced.

3. Baking soda for Remove Pubic Hair:

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Baking soda is beneficial for health as well as is good to remove pubic hair.

Method:  Take one tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of water. Boil water and add banking soda to it. Mix this mixture well and apply it to the pubic area with the help of a cotton ball. After drying, clean the pubic area with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer. By doing this twice a month, the hair of the pubic area ends.

4. Honey for Remove Pubic Hair:

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Honey is beneficial for hair removal

Method: Take a few drops of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix it and apply the mixture to your pubic hairRub it in the same direction as your hair growth. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and then rinse it off. Repeat this procedure at least twice a week to see the results.

5. Gram flour for Remove Pubic Hair:

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Gram flour has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps in removing hair from the private part.

Method: Take one teaspoon of salt, one cup of gram flour, and little water in a bowl. Mix it and make a paste. Apply this paste every day the hair weakens in the zone. After the paste dries wash it. 

6. Banana and Oatmeal for Remove Pubic Hair:

How To Remove Pubic Hair At Home Without Pain

Banana makes skin soft and oatmeal acts as a natural cleanser

Method: Take 2 teaspoons of oatmeal and a ripe banana. Mix it and make a smooth paste. Scrub it with light hands by applying it on the hair of the private part. This causes hair to weaken from the roots and begin to shrink gradually.

Some More Ways to Remove Pubic Hair Safely at Home:

If you have not enough time to use home remedies, you can also try these ways to remove pubic hair with minimal pain.

1. Trimming: Trim your pubic hair is one of the best and safest ways to hair removal. Trim pubic hair as much as possible before shaving. Make sure always to use clean and sharp scissors for trimming. For trimming, sitting down and look at the hard-to-see areas with a mirror, then trim.

2. Shaving: Shaving is another popular way to remove pubic hair. Always take a lukewarm bath for at least five minutes before shaving to make your pubic hair soft. Then apply a shaving cream or lotion on your pubic hair and using a sharp razor. Shave your pubic hair very lightly in the direction of the hair growth.

Apply lotion or moisturizing oil aftershave. It helps prevent itchy and irritation.

3. Waxing: If you can tolerate a little pain, you can also try the bikini wax to remove the hair in your private area. Waxing cleans the pubic hair from the roots and removes many hairs at once. For best results, before waxing makes sure your pubic hair is at least 2-5mm long.

Method: Wash and apply an antiseptic cleaner or powder before waxing. Apply warm wax in the direction of hair growth. Now place the waxing strip on the wax and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair while tightening the skin.

Notice: Wax should be warm, but not too hot. Let it cool down a little if the wax too hot. 

4. Use Hair Removal Cream: You can also use hair removal cream to remove pubic hair. They are not absolutely painful, but this cream does not suit every skin as it contains some chemicals that can cause allergies. It is important to test it before applying the cream.

Method: Apply this cream to your private area hair and leave it for 5-10 minutes(Take care that the cream does not enter your vagina). Then wipe off with a damp cloth and wash thoroughly with water. Make sure not to apply anything else (like- soaps, lotions, creams, or perfumes) for the next 24 hours.

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