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How to Make Green Tea ~ Health benefits of Green Tea

One cup of green tea is very beneficial for both your health and skin. This green tea keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the day.

How to Make Green Tea

Many of us start our day with a cup of tea or coffee, but it weakens our body’s digestive power. Drinking too much tea or coffee also causes gas in the stomach, other diseases related to the stomach, or some other problems.

Why should we take tea or coffee which is less beneficial for our health but more harmful…

Nowadays people have become very health conscious… They rarely like to eat or drink that food which isn’t good for their health…

So friends…Here you will learn how to make green tea at home and what are the health benefits and side effects of green tea. Green tea is also good for our skin and hair.

Green tea is the most healthy and beneficial drink on the planet. Green tea will make you feel refreshed and removes common diseases as well as is beneficial for cancer and Alzheimer’s.

It is full of antioxidants and nutrients that have a powerful effect on the body. It includes improving brain function, fat loss, and many other incredible benefits. 

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds. Green tea originated in China, but its production and manufacture have spread to other countries in East Asia.

Benefits Of Green Tea:-

Green tea is available in various flavors and has many health and skin benefits. The health benefits of green tea can be attributed to a special class of organic compounds present in the leaves, known as catechins, which get dissolved in water when made into a brew.

Green tea offers various benefits, some of which are important such as:-

  • Green Tea Help For Weight Loss
  • Help Lower Cholesterol
  • Fights Bad Breath
  • Promote Healthier Skin
  • Control Diabetes
  • Help lower Blood Pressure
  • Relieve Stress
  • Reduce Risk Of Skin Cancer
  • Promotes healthy liver
  • Protects Skin Against Sunburn
  • Improves Oral Health
  • Control Hair Loss

Side Effect Of Green Tea:-

Green tea is known as a beneficial herbal drink. But it is also true that excess of anything is harmful… nothing is beneficial unless it is used properly. Drinking a lot of green tea can also prove to be dangerous for health.

  • More than two cups of green tea in a day can be harmful. Because caffeine is also found in green tea, which can harm your health. Drinking excessive amounts of green tea can cause headaches, stomach pain, constipation, acidity, diarrhea, and anxiety.
  • Consumption of green tea in large quantities bad effects on sleeping and can also cause insomnia.
  • Increases the risk of diarrhea.
  • Excess intake of green tea can also cause nausea and vomiting.
  • An excessively high dosage of green tea can also become a source of prooxidants, negatively impacting the bone matrix.

How To Make Green Tea At Home:-

How To Make Green Tea At Home

Green tea can be made in two ways – one can use a tea bag and the other can be made from tea with green leaves. Today you will learn how to make green tea the right way. Let’s start How to Make Green Tea-

1. How To Make Green Tea With Tea Bags:-

Ingredients:- Tea Bag – 1, Hot water – 1 cup.

How to Make:-

  1. Boil the water in a bowl. Now take a tea bag, one empty cup, and place a teabag in it, then pour hot water over it.
  2. Steep the tea beg for about 1-2 minutes. (Note: If you like a stronger taste then leave it a little longer but watch out, over brewing can cause bitterness).
  3. Remove the teabag and your green tea is ready to drink. 
  4. Now Enjoy your deliciously refreshingly Green Tea!

2. How To Make Green Tea Without Tea Begs:-

Ingredients:  1 teaspoon of green tea leaves, and one cup of water

How To Make:

  1. Take a cup of water in a bowl and boil it. 
  2. Take green tea leaves and place them in a tea strainer. 
  3. Now, place the strainer over an empty cup.
    Pour hot water over the tea leaves. Pour till the bottom part of the strainer is immersed in hot water. 
  4. Steep the tea leaves for about 1 minute. Now enjoy your Green Tea.

Note: If you want can add sugar or honey as per your taste and drink it together. By the way, without adding sugar or honey it will be more beneficial.

Question And Answer For About Green Tea:-

Q: What is the best way to boil water for tea? 

A: The first thing we need to do is boil our water well for making a perfect green tea, which seems very clear so that’s why if you have filtered water or spring water, use it to improve the taste of your green tea Could. Boil the water. Once the water starts to boil and just turn off your flame then remove your lid and let the steam rise for about 5 to 10 minutes by letting the steam rise. Our hot water is ready to make a perfect green tea.

Q: How much green tea should you use per cup?

A: 1 teaspoon of tea leaves or 1 tea bag for 1 cup of water is enough for perfect green tea.

Q: What happens if you drink 2 cups of green tea?

A: Drinking between 1 and 2 cups of hot green tea throughout the day is sufficient for good health and weight loss. Excess of anything is harmful…if you excessively drinking of green tea it can cause stomach problems, diarrhea, and can even cause iron deficiency. You may also experience insomnia.

Q: Does green tea reduce belly fat?

A: Green tea has many health benefits. It contains antioxidants that help reduce belly fat. Green tea has zero calories, which can also help you to weight loss.

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Note: Only drinking green tea will not enough for reducing belly fat or weight loss, for this, following a low-calorie diet and work out daily will burn belly fat faster.

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