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How To Get Hair Straightening At Home ~ Easy Ways To Get Permanent Straight Hair At Home

How To Get Hair Straightening At Home
How To Get Hair Straight At Home

Today in this article you will have to know how to Get Hair Straightening At Home👱…The trend of straight hair has come from Hollywood hotties👸, then the trend of straight hair is making waves around the world…Every girl and woman desired straight hair.

I am also like straight hair and if you have come to read this article you will also like straight hair… straight, soft, and shiny hair always trend lives in. Straight hair looks good on women of all ages.

Our hair looks very good with straight hair. The best thing about Straight Hair is that straight hair suits every type of outfit. Girls are confident in keeping their hair open while their hair is straight. Seeing the straight hair of a girl, you may have even desired that your hair also straight like this… 

For this, Everyone’s going to salons to get straightening hair. Some girls use straighteners at home to straighten their hair. But hold…Some chemicals can be used in the salon, which can also damage your hair… So why not use the method that helps straighten the hair at home and this method is not harmful to our hair.

Now for the straightening or rebooting of hair, there is no need to go to a salonIf you think that how To Get Hair Straightening At Home, then its solution is here😄… you get hair straightening at home … Yes, at home you can get straight hair from some easy home ingredients.

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Hair Straightening At Home

Straight hair … girls love it a lot. If we go salon for hair straightening, then it is costly for us, and this hair straightening is always staying for a few months. After that our hair looks very frizzy and dull. Because while doing hair straightening, there is some use of chemicals-based cream that is not good for our hair. 

If you want your hair to be permanent Straight, Without harming your hair, you can use natural ingredients to Straight your hair and if you continue to use these methods, then your hair will be Straight always. 

So let us know which methods or ingredients you can to Get Hair Straightening At Home

1. Raw Milk And Honey For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: Raw milk and honey.

How To Use: Mix two tablespoons of honey and a little mashed strawberry in a cup of milk. (strawberry is optional). Now put this paste on your hair. Leave it for 2 hours. Then wash your hair with shampoo. Use It 2 times a week.

The protein present in milk helps to strengthen the roots of your hair. Milk and honey naturally work to straighten the hair. It nourishes and strengthens your hair. Honey helps to seal the moisture of your hair. A mixture of honey and milk makes your hair smooth and shiny.

2. Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Lemon Juice.

How to Use: Squeeze lemon juice into a cup of fresh coconut milk in a glass. Mix it well and then keep it in the fridge for a few hours until it gets frozen in a creamy layer. Now massage it well in your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes. Cover your head with a shower cap. After half an hour, wash your hair with shampoo. Use It once a week.

Coconut milk has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It protects the skin of the scalp from infection and helps to straighten the hair.
Lemon juice also helps in straightening your hair. This mask makes your hair silky and soft.

3. Eggs And Olive Oil For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: 2 Whole Eggs, 3 tbsp Olive Oil.

How To Use: Take two eggs and add four tablespoons of olive oil. Mix it well until they’re well combined. Now Apply this mixture to your hair and then comb your hair. Leave it for 45 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo. Apply it once a week.

The egg plays the most important role in keeping the hair straight. Apart from this, olive oil helps in providing moisture and nutrition to the hair. By applying the mixture of eggs and olive oil to the hair, the hair is naturally straight and looks very beautiful. Soft and frizz-free hair.

4. Ripe Banana And Honey For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: Ripe Bananas, Honey, Olive Oil, and Curd.

How To Use: Blend or mash the 2 bananas until they’re completely free of lumps. Now mix two tablespoons of honey, curd, and olive oil and make a paste. Mix the mixture well. Apply this paste to your hair for half an hour. Apply this mixture onto your hair. Leave it on for about half an hour. Then wash the hair well with cool water and a mild sulfate-free shampoo. Once a week.

All the ingredients in this paste will make your hair healthy, glossy, and straightforward. This straightening hair pack helps to improve the quality and texture of your hair. It will help get rid of your frizzy hair.

5. Aloe Vera For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: Coconut Oil/Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Gel.

How To Use: Take a half cup of warm coconut or olive oil and add a half cup aloe vera gel and mix it well. Apply this mixture to your hair. Leave it on for 40 minutes. Wash your hair with cool water and a mild shampoo. Once a week.

Aloe vera is packed with enzymes that help keep your hair smooth and soft while promoting hair growth. Aloe vera is a wonderful herb for your hair.

6. Milk Spray For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: Milk and Spray Bottle.

How to Use: Pour the ¼ cup milk into the spray bottle. Spray it on your hair. Leave it for one hour before bathing. Rinse with cool water and shampoo. Use it 1-2 times a week.

Milk contains proteins. Which is a help to repair frizzy hair and making your hair straight

7. Hot Oil For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: Castor oil and Coconut Oil.

How to Use: Take 1 Tablespoon castor oil and 1 Tablespoon coconut oil. Now heat the mixture on gas for a few seconds until it is slightly warm. Apply the oil on your hair and massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Leave the oil for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with cold water and mild shampoo. Do this twice a week.

Castor oil repair the hair condition and makes your hair soft and hydrated. This helps to control frizzy hair. The use of castor and coconut oil helps to smooth your hair and give a natural shine.

8. Rice Mask For Straight Hair:

Ingredients: Rice, Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, or Olive Oil.

How to Use: Take 4-5 tablespoons of rice. Place rice in a pot with 2 cups of water and boil it so that the rice absorbs the water. Put off the gas and let the pot cool down a little. Now grind the rice with the help of a grinder. Now add 1 tablespoon of coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil.

Mix all the ingredients well and grind it again to get a creamy texture. Separate your hair into two parts and start applying the mask from the scalp to the hair with a light massage.

Now finally cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for 2 hours. Wash it first with normal water, then wash it with your shampoo. Do this once a week

Rice improves damaged hair and helps to cure hair fall. Rice moisturizes the hair and gives it vitality. It increases smoothness and brightness. Rice also makes hair thick and fights off hair loss.
You will definitely love this remedy to get straight hair.

Additional Tips For Straight Hair:

  • Never wash your hair with too hot or too cold water. Always use water that is either normal cold or lukewarm. Otherwise, it makes your hair frizzy or rough.
  • Never use a cotton pillow to sleep because they absorb moisture from your hair. Always use a silk pillow.
  • Don’t wash your hair too much with shampoo. The shampoo contains sulfates that strip the moisture off your hair. Try to use a sulfate-free shampoo and wash your hair just two or three times a week.

Straight hair will never go out of style. 

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